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Learning the Art of Sales, Naturally with Jacob Aldridge

Thursday 27 June from 9:30- 4:30pm
In person | Brisbane Venue TBC

Masterclass Series for Lawyers

Over the coming months I will be teaming up with some of my favourite colleagues in and outside of law land to bring you my brand spanking new masterclass series for lawyers. Each masterclass you can expect a new business learning and perspective on some of the joys and challenges us lawyers often face. 

Learning the art of 'sales' with Clarissa Rayward & Jacob Aldridge

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To hit the ground running I have the super insightful, knowledgeable and all-round cool human in Jacob Aldridge to co-present with me on the very first masterclass-  “learning the art of sales, but naturally!”

In this masterclass we will be deep diving into:

  • A simple framework and approach for any ideal sales process
  • The import role that ‘empathy’ and energy play in today’s sales climate
  • How to create a simple sale funnel that actually sells
  • The art of making sales feel natural for both you and the customer 
  • Solving problems in a much different way- in a way that is all about the human
  • How to turn the sales funnel upside down so it actually sells

For me sales are all about allowing people to know what and how they feel is actually normal and that I am able to help solve that problem. 

So team. Let’s get more SALES!!

Thursday 27 June Brisbane

Brisbane venue to be confirmed.

Early Bird Pricing

$ 459
  • Full day workshop
limited time

Masterclass Workshop Price

$ 559
  • Full day workshop

The Presenters!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer | Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Jacob Aldridge

International Business Coach

Deep Generalist | Author | Speaker | Professional Services Specialist | Host of Blackboard Fridays

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