The Happy Lawyer sticker packs are here!

Adding to the Happy Lawyer Happy Life Merchandise line are our new sticker packs!

These are no ordinary stickers – they are, of course – Fun-tastic, sassy and bold! Inspired thanks to our mates in law these will keep those laptops/ office doors/ notebooks looking #lawland fresh with a side of iridescent sparkle! ** Okay so maybe check the office policy docs before sticking these to the door…


Each pack includes 9 stickers: 

  • 1x Haven’t read fiction since law school 
  • 1x Wake up kick ass be kind repeat 
  • 1x Fun suckers be gone (thanks Kelly!)
  • 1x You’ve got this! 
  • 1x Welcome to the fun! 
  • 1x #1 Bedazzler 
  • 1x What would Clarissa do? 
  • 1x Advo-cat
  • 1x Happy Lawyer Happy Life


$19.95ea plus postage 

Happy Lawyer Sticker Pack!


A Fun, bright sticker pack with equals parts sassy and inspirational!


Special Offer!!

If you spend over $50.00 on any of our legally amazing brooches or any happy lawyer products we will send you a free pack of our super fun stickers. You don’t need to do anything just simply hit the shop floor dancing and place an order during the month of March and you will have some pretty cool stickers in the mail. 

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