Kindness as the new KPI: A simple way to measure success may be just as effective by returning to the principle of kindness.

Royal Reed

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Author Hannah Trotter

The witty and engaging Royal Reed took the stage this afternoon with no slideshow, no sales pitch, no formal presentation and I have to say, I think this might be one of my favourite sessions of the day. 

Royal shared with us her experiences in law in one of the most hilarious and delightful presentations you can imagine and I sense no live blogger could do it justice – I will try though! 

Growing up in Taiwan, Royal used to dream in the bathroom mirror that she could speak English. As she grew up, she found herself living in New Zealand with the opportunity to begin her law studies. This is just where Royal says her challenges began. 

As she progressed in her studies, Royal felt as though she didn’t belong. Royal was met with unkindness and very little acceptance from her peers and the industry as a whole. She was told she didn’t belong in the room. 

As Royal began looking for positions post study, these challenges persisted but she found her passion assisting Chinese families migrating to New Zealand. 

When Royal landed her first job, she was pregnant and once again she was told she didn’t belong in the room. 

Royal was bringing in thousands of clients and still her colleagues, who were not working nearly as hard were being promoted and welcomed by senior staff into the fold. 

In her first performance review, Royal was made to feel like her job was a privilege and her reward was a venetian blind so she had privacy to breast feed (hardly a reward for someone bringing in so much business and working insane overtime).  Again, Royal was not welcome into the room. 

Royal concluded that she would never be taken seriously and so she began her own firm. 

It took a long time before Royal found people who would work with her but as she did, she made a conscious effort to create a work atmosphere where people are welcome. With an emphasis on building relationships with every one of her employees, Royal has successfully been running her firm of 20 people for the past 14 years. 

“We can only manage this if we support one another”. Royal has taken on to treat every person she encounters with kindness, to place value on them and to build relationships. Her nurturing of her employees inspires their pride in delivering the servives they offer. 

Royal is so proud of the accomplishments of her firm and her employees. 

Her emphasis has become on relationship and consciously not letting money or success drive her. 

Royal spoke with such eloquence and humility that I have never felt more confident in saying that this is 100% a room she belongs in. 

Thank you for your insight Royal, we have so much to learn from you. 


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Hannah Trotter

Hannah Trotter

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Following my first year I commenced work as the Receptionist at Brisbane Family Law Centre. Having worked with this amazing team for nearly 2 years, I have been given a learning opportunity that goes beyond lectures and tutorials by providing a practical experience of the world of Law. My experience as part of the BFLC team has taught me that a Law career does not have to fit into a traditional box which has ignited a new passion for my studies as well as my future career in the legal profession.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to writing musicals, drinking coffee and playing board games.

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