'One of those confetti lawyers' tote bags are here!

Adding to the Happy Lawyer Happy Life ‘Confetti Lawyers’ line – a fun, practical tote bag to liven up #lawland!

This tote bag is for all of those confetti lawyers out there! It’s lightweight, can carry all of your day to day and #lawland essentials, and is a fun, colourful and practical accessory that can go with you everywhere. You can use this bag for…

  • Beach trips;
  • Your weekly shop;
  • Kmart haul;
  • All those kids’ gadgets and toys;
  • Craft supplies; 
  • And of course, all your necessities for lawyering!

It comes in coral with “One of Those Confetti Lawyers” written on the side. This bag is a great way to bring more colour and sunshine into #lawland!

The artwork was designed in collaboration with Dyan Burgess and Kiarah Grace Kelly.

$15ea (plus postage)

'One of those confetti lawyers' tote bag!

A fun, practical tote bag for all of us confetti lawyers out there! 

$15ea (plus postage)

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