Happy Lawyer Shop

It is no secret that I love shopping and beautiful things!! So I have decided it’s time for a ‘Happy Lawyer’ shop. We have bundles, planners, books, cards and more. To explore all of the fun Happy Lawyer products, come visit the shop here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for a “Happy Lawyer” gift please do get in touch as we LOVE designing and creating new things for you!! It is best to email my sidekick Sarah here

Let’s go shopping!

Free Masterclasses & Webinars For Lawyers

1-on-1 Business Coaching

Workshops & Programs For Lawyers

Happy Lawyer Happy Life The Book

6 Years of Story Telling - The Podcast Book!

A HAPPY Book Bundle! (Both books for $10 off)

Happy Lawyer 2023 Planners

A4 Weekly Planner - Peachy Blues

A4 Weekly Planner - Pretty in Pink!

A4 Weekly Desk Planner 'Colour Me In'

A3 Monthly Desk Planner - Colourful

A3 Monthly Desk Planner 'Colour Me In'

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Mugs

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Jute Tote Bag

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Keychains

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Drink Bottle

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Resin Art

Happy Lawyer Happy Life #runclub Cap

Legally Amazing
Brooch Series

Celebrating the 'COOL' Keychains

Celebrating The 'COOL' Brooch Series

'One of those confetti Lawyers' Shopping Bags

The Book

Fixed & Value Precedent Pricing Packs