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Hi, I’m Clarissa Rayward and I have established an online mastermind program,
THE CLUB, designed for entrepreneurial lawyers looking to make the best out of their lives, in and out of law! 

Our e-doors are now closed but are opening Monday 3 February 2020! 

The Club e-doors are opening in…

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"The Club" is a membership program for entrepreneurial lawyers.
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If you have a law practice, and are looking to develop your personal brand and grow your business all while focusing on your own happiness (in and out of law!), then I invite you to join THE CLUB.

This online mastermind is designed to provide access to a community of like-minded lawyers who are committed to being happy in law and life. THE CLUB provides members access to a faculty of professionals handpicked to assist you in building a modern law business that is right for you. What’s even better? You will be doing it with the support of other lawyers that have been through the same struggles as you.

So… What is The Club?

Over the past year I’ve had the privilege of working with a group of lawyers around Australia in the Happy Lawyer Happy Life online programs.  Each week, we’ve explored just what it means to be a happy lawyer and at the same time we’ve been sharing our experiences through a private Facebook community.  We’ve formed friendships, shared experiences and learned so much from each other about law, happiness and even business.  By surrounding ourselves with like-minded, high performing positive people, we are all trying new things, feeling happier and reminding ourselves why we came into this industry in the first place.  There’s really so much more we have to learn and so that got me thinking…

What if we together created a community of like-minded positive high performing lawyers where the focus is on supporting one another, sharing knowledge and learning?

Over the past few years, I’ve worked hard to build a law business that I love that fits with the lifestyle I want to have.  All because I do (mostly) love being a lawyer and want the chance to keep being a lawyer for a few more years to come.  In doing so, I’ve connected with a broad range of talented professionals and advisors who have helped me with business strategy, marketing and to generally grow my business.The idea behind “The Club” is to bring together a great pool of knowledge in one place for a community of lawyers who are all looking to change the way our profession operates in the future.

The Club gives you access to…

Private Online Mastermind Group

An expert faculty of professionals from diverse industries including legal, business finance, marketing, health and wellness.

Community of Committed Professionals

Join a community of supportive and like-minded lawyers from around the globe. 

Accountability within the group to assist you in your goal achievement.  

LIVE Workshops and Events both Upcoming and the Past 80+

Live weekly Q & A, troubleshooting and deep-dive interactive workshops (we like to call this CPD on tap!)

As well as the capacity to access 1 on 1 coaching from Faculty Experts on legal, business and wellness.​

Club Pricing Packages…

The Club Membership

$ 89 per month
  • Access to the Club

The Club Plus Membership

$ 149 per month
  • Access to the Club
  • Quarterly 1 on 1 45min coaching sessions with Clarissa Rayward

Discover what the “Clubmates” are saying…

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Demetrio Zema

Founder and Director at Law Squared

Play Video

Jennifer Harris

Special Counsel at Clayton UTZ

Play Video

Rebecca Lancaster

Principal Solicitor at Maxwell & Lancaster Solicitors

Play Video

Dan Bottrell

BGM Family Lawyers

Meet some of the Faculty Experts…

Jon Hollenberg

Director of Five by Five

Author | Public Speaker | Web Designer | Building Beautiful Websites 

Ann Maree David

Ann- Maree David

Executive Director of The College of Law.

Legal Educator & Trainer | Supporting the Next Generation of Australian Lawyers | Champion of Equity & Diversity. 

This is an image of Demetrio Zema

Demetrio Zema

Founder, Director and Problem Solver at Law Squared 

Mel Telecican ​

Mel Telecican

Host of Monetising Knowledge | Director of Loyalist | Founder of course9

Jacob Aldridge

International Business Advisor at  JacobAldridge

Coach and Trainer | Speaker and Author | Deep Business Generalist

Katherine Maslen

Founding Director at Brisbane Natural Health

Naturopath | Nutritionist | Author | Speaker

The Club's e-doors are currently close but are opening soon. Register your interest below!

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