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Meet the Club Faculty Experts...

Here you will find each of our faculty member’s biography, their area of expertise, associated resources and direct contact details.

Clarissa Rayward

Clarissa Rayward

Brisbane Family Law Centre & Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Director | Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer | Podcaster | Author | Speaker

Clarissa is a family lawyer, wife and mum who is passionate about relationships, people and family. Clarissa is the Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a boutique Family Law practice. 

Clarissa uses her industry knowledge and skill to change the way Australian families experience divorce and separation. She is known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’ as she believes that your divorce can be a part of your marriage you can look back on with pride. She is the author of the successful ‘Happy Family Lawyer’ blog, providing weekly commentary and tips on issues relating to divorce and the book ‘Splitsville- How to separate stay out of Court and stay friends’. 

During 2016 Clarissa has published her second book- ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life- How to be happy in law and in life’ for lawyers looking for better ways to practice law after launching a successful podcast by the same name. Clarissa has now turned her attention to addressing the high rates of depression and anxiety amongst lawyers by opening a positive dialogue on how lawyers can find happiness in their careers.

Jacob Aldridge

International Business Coach 

Coach and Trainer | Speaker and Author | Deep Business Generalist

As an international business advisor, Jacob works with energetic young companies, primarily professional services firms with 12 – 96 staff per location. His career has seen him work with growing companies around Australia and the world, both in person and leveraging technology for consistent support and guidance despite his family’s nomadic lifestyle.

Alumni clients and colleagues describe Jacob as the smart and quirky business guy who makes things happen, bringing a unique energy borne from the belief that business is best when it’s fun.

Relevant speaking engagements include the Family Law Practitioners Association Conference, FCB HR Forum, Dent’s Key Person of Influence, and our own Happy Lawyer Happy Life Retreat. 

Since a fear of working for his father prevented Jacob from earning a law degree, his most impressive qualification is the Guinness World Record for non-stop movie-watching – a sleep-deprivation marathon that prepared him for his most recent role as a new dad.

Jon Hollenberg

Director of Five by Five

Author | Public Speaker | Web Designer | Building Beautiful Websites 

Jon runs a web design business called Five by Five. He is the author of “Love at First Site – How to build the website of your dreams”. Jon started out doing web design but now leads a team of talented designers, developers and content marketers delivering powerful web solutions. 

Everyday he meets business owners who are continually frustrated by their website – ultimately they just want a return on their investment. Jon works with small to medium business owners to make them a rock star online. The ultimate result is a website that gets the phone ringing and your inbox full of enquiries.

Ann Maree David

Ann- Maree David

Executive Director of The College of Law.

Legal Educator & Trainer | Supporting the Next Generation of Australian Lawyers | Champion of Equity & Diversity. 

Ann-Maree is the Executive Director of The College of Law Queensland. She has worked in law for more than 30 years, in public and corporate sector roles and in private practice as a solicitor. She led the Queensland Law Society’s professional development program prior to establishing the Queensland campus of the College of Law in 2003. Under her stewardship, the College has grown from greenfield status to being the largest provider of Practical Legal Training in Queensland. Ann-Maree has pursued diverse professional interests including fostering of new lawyers; overcoming barriers to career progression in law; and contributing to programs to build resilience. 

Ann-Maree is currently researching the future of work and its impact on legal practice. She is President of Australian Women Lawyers, Vice President of the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland and chairs the Queensland Law Society’s Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee. She holds Masters Degrees in Law and Education.

Mel Telecican ​

Mel Telecican

Director of Loyalest

Author | Public Speaker | CMR | Online Course Developer

Mel is a client experience and marketing automation advocate. Having built a customer list of 10,000 in her first business, she created Loyalest which specialises in helping professional services increase their conversion rates by maximising existing web traffic with personalised sales and marketing automations. Mel is also an educator who founded, a service designed for both turnkey and DIY online course and training development. 

In August 2017, Mel launched her second podcast, ‘Productising Knowledge’. Mel looks forward to learning the challenges that individuals and businesses are experiencing within their practice and sharing her views on the untapped marketing opportunities that currently exist in the legal space.

This is an image of Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths

Entrepreneurial Futurist at Andrew Griffiths Enterprises

Best Selling Author | Global Speaker | CEO | Director

Andrew is the Entrepreneurial Futurist- and is all about helping business owners, entrepreneures and corporations to future proof themselves. 

The easiest way to share some of what Andrew has done in a way that’s easy to read and probably sums him up better than long flowing paragraphs of rhetoric is his brag list below:

  • Started his working life as a Commercial Diver and bought my first business at the age of 18.
  • Has been an author for 20 years
  • Written 13 bestselling business and personal development books sold in over 65 countries.
  • Officially Australia’s #1 Small Business author.
  • Andrew’s books have been translated into 10 languages, from Russian to Nigerian, Chinese to Vietnamese.
  • Has been published by two leading publishers, Allen & Unwin and Simon & Schuster.
  • And now has taught over 600 people to write their first book.
  • Been a professional speaker in various guises for 35 years.
  • Delivered over 500 presentations in 25 countries.
  • Andrew’s clients have included the European Union, CBS,, Hewlett Package and many more.
  • One of Andrew’s recent speaking gigs was a tour of the UK teaching businesses about international sales.
  • Presented everywhere from Mexico to Iran.
  • Been interviewed in the media 500 times.
  • And is a frustrated zoologist, having been bitten, scratched, attacked and chased by animals in every corner of the planet.
  • And (my favourite) has never written a children’s book.
If you’ve got a project that you’d like to work on with Andrew, whether it be a speaking job, a consulting gig, a media opportunity or a coaching requirement- drop him a line. 
Dave Eddy

Dave Eddy

Director at Redback Solutions | CMO at Camplify

A kid from the bush who grew up in tiny mining towns, Dave is now a digital marketer based in Newcastle, NSW. He has an infectious passion for marketing, search engines, social media, technology and people. After graduating with a degree in Business Marketing & Psychology, Dave spent 7 years working with over 500 clients in big marketing & advertising firms. He then decided to start digital marketing agency Vicinity Marketing from his bedroom. Vicinity specialises in location-based SEO, digital advertising and content marketing. 

Dave loves to play guitar, travel and tell awful, childish, irreverent Dad jokes. He is the co-founding CMO of Australia’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community Camplify (The “Airbnb” of caravans) and he also hosts The Location Station Local Marketing Podcast where he interviews clever marketers and business owners about all the latest marketing technologies, local marketing tactics and success stories.

Lalita Lowe

Personal Fashion Stylist Lalita Lowe.

Fashion has been a huge part of Lalita’s life for many years, in fact it has taken her around the world. She has had the incredible privilege of working and studying with fashion industry leaders as well as with some inspiring up and coming designers in Paris and New York.

Lalita has studied Fashion Design in France at the Paris Fashion Institute and has a Degree in Fashion Design and Technology from RMIT.  Along the way, she also picked up a Marketing Degree from Deakin University. 

Lalita is a Personal Fashion stylist, helping women and men to develop a strategy around their fashion. She gives them the tools to make choices that will save both time and money when it comes to their fashion choices as well as developing a collection of clothes that is consistent one that suits them in every area of their life.

In other words, Lalita helps them to be strategic about their fashion in a way that embodies the fun of personal style all the while being more selective about the pieces they choose and wear. This new fashion strategy helps both men and women build a refined, signature look. 

Lalita loves to help women and men, like you, to develop a truly amazing collection of clothes. 

This is an image of Demetrio Zema

Demetrio Zema

Founder, Director and Problem Solver at Law Squared 

Demetrio is the founder and director of Law Squared, a specialised commercial law and litigation firm focussed on working with entrepreneurs and start ups. An accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer having worked with many corporates, SME’s, entrepreneurs and ASX listed companies, Demetrio is focused on achieving outcomes and success for his clients. Named Australia’s most innovative law firm”, Law Squared takes an entrepreneurial approach to the provision of legal services, by offering a model of partnering with its clients as risk advisers to protect them against future risk and to partner them to advanced their business. forward to learning the challenges that individuals and businesses are experiencing within their practice and sharing her views on the untapped marketing opportunities that currently exist in the legal space.

Claudia King

CEO and Founder at Automio

As a recovering lawyer and law firm owner, Claudia understands the highs and lows of running an SME law firm. During Claudia’s life as a lawyer, she saw the need to help clients with accessible, online legal solutions. She was also tired of the constant pressure of the billable hour- she wanted to find a way to use her legal expertise without trading hours for dollars. This drove Claudia to develop an automation technology, known as Automio, to power New Zealand’s first online legal service, Legal Beagle. Through her work with Legal Beagle she spent 7+ years designing, marketing and selling online legal solutions. 

Claudia is now the CEO and Founder of legal tech company Automio. Automio helps entrepreneurial law firm owners design and sell online legal solutions, so they can earn revenue in their sleep and get freedom from the billable hour. 

As a wife, mama, feminist and entrepreneur, Claudia believes in having a growth mindset and loves talking and learning about stuff outside of the legal world too like parenting, work-life balance, biz, tech, marketing and entrepreneurship. Oh, and she loves orange (feel free to ask her to see a pic of her orange wedding dress). 

This is an image of John Knight Director of Business DEPOT

John Knight

Director at Business DEPOT

Accountant | Speaker | SME Advocate | Real Estate Industry Specialist 

As Managing Director and Founder of businessDEPOT John is setting out to change how businesses (and the people behind them) access the advice they need to make their ideas a reality. The foundational layer of businessDEPOT is essentially an accounting and advisory business. Wrapped around this layer is a marketplace full of all the adviser’s business needs from marketing to HR, Legal, IT and so much more. To help make the model work, businessDEPOT also operate a co-working space and host a series of events to share expertise and insights. 

John has over 20 years of experience of providing business and accounting advice to SMEs and family businesses (including business valuations). From a delivery perspective, these days John focuses on the business advisory side of things with an expertise in the real estate industry and passion for helping business challenge the norm.

Katherine Maslen

Founder of the Shift Clinics

Naturopath | Author | Host of The Shift Podcast 

Katherine Maslen is a naturopath, nutritionist and the founding director of Australia’s leading wellness centre, Brisbane Natural Health. Katherine is a leader in the field of natural health care, the author of Get Well, Stay Well, a media commentator and a renegade for health. It is her mission to help people live a life that they love through amazing health. Katherine speaks nationally about all things health and wellness. 

Katherine is a regular media commentator, having appeared on Channel 9, Channel 10, ABC radio, Fairfax radio and also in Wellbeing, Good Health and Nature and Health Magazines.

Jason Malouin​

Jason Malouin

Founder and Director at Portrait Store

Jason is a world-renowned portrait photographer working exclusively with professionals who are actively crafting their impact and influence in the world. 

Jason’s superpower is helping people visually communicate trust and connect with intention, integrity and authenticity. His work can be seen on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, Financial Review, Men’s Fitness, The Huffington Post and loads of book covers, billboards and bus stops everywhere. 

These days, if you’re trying to build a significant brand and profile, you have to embrace the fact that we are all a m’media company’ on some scale. There’s a lot of body language and psychology at play and Jason is great at helping people navigate that stuff to become more effective visual communicators. 

He also loves to share more pragmatic tips about things like:  

  • What does my current image say about me?
  • Finding the right photographer (NOT the ‘best’ photographer)
  • Making sure you know what to ask for
  • Preparing for a shoot
  • Understanding body language for camera/ Positive tension/ Micro expressions
  • What to wear
  • Hair/ Makeup recommendations
  • Using your images out in the world and maximising their impact
This is an image of Dyan Burgess

Dyan Burgess

The Story Curator at Dyan Burgess

Dyan is passionate about helping entrepreneurs select, organise and take care of their diverse, accomplished and valuable experiences into a compelling, multi-platform, independently published book. In her work as Creative Director for ‘Words From Daddy’s Mouth’, she knows first-hand what it is like to pull the best bits of many and varied experiences into unique and passionate stories. As a country girl beginning life in rural Victoria and NSW, you can probably imagine the gorgeous surrounds, quirky people and outdoor adventures that dotted the landscape of her early years. A fascination with people and their vast potential followed her through a science degree in Brisbane, Australia, extending into two decades of banking and finance, travel adventures, family creation and business development.

Beginning in the independent publishing industry can be daunting. Coming to understand the multiple facets of the publishing industry has been incredibly fascinating to Dyan. However, as a writer (and entrepreneur), these aspects can seem redundant (and boring) – and this can stop writers from achieving publication of a book. Dyan has always enjoyed collaborating to realise writer’s (and entrepreneur’s) dreams. So whether you are interested in the technical aspects of publishing, or you simply want to write a book on your expertise, she can point you in the correct direction. Simply put – Getting it Done.

Stevie Dillon

Director at Stevie Says Social

Social Media Strategist | Trainer | Educator 

Stevie is the owner of Stevie Says Social, a social media business which coaches, educates, strategises and manages all things social media marketing for service-based businesses. In particular, she helps professional services and others that sell their expertise use social media to build irresistible businesses with pipelines of clients dying to work with them. 

Stevie has always been a closet geek, and after graduating from high school at the top of her grade she undertook a Bachelor of Communications and a Bachelor of Laws on full scholarship. She spent the first ten years of her career studying law and practicing as a solicitor in both Australia and the UK, and understands professional services industries and environments well. 

In 2008, Stevie returned to Australia and combined her passion for marketing with her background in law, spending the next ten years as a marketer working in and with a range of high profile service-based businesses (law, real estate, creative industries and sports management). 

Noticing a gap in knowledge when it came to how to make social media work for these types of businesses, she opened Stevie Says Social in 2017. 

This is a image of Lynda Mckie

Lynda Mckie

Senior Wealth Adviser at Elston

Lynda McKie is the founder of Family Law Specialist Services at Elston Private Wealth.  Working alongside leading Accredited Family Law Specialists, Lynda and her team offer expert financial planning advice on matters involving family businesses, corporate structures and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. This advice is designed to empower clients to negotiate with confidence, and become financially savvy and independent, post-divorce.  Elston specialist advisers also deliver neutral advice to parties resolving their family law dispute via Collaborative Practice, Lynda and her team often appearing as guest contributors to Clarissa’s Introductory and Advanced Collaborative Practice training sessions. 

Through their work, Lynda and her team, have assisted business owners operating SME legal practices with their personal wealth planning. It’s not uncommon for busy professionals to put their own needs last. Elston provides advice on transforming cash flow into productive wealth to realise a prosperous and secure future.  

This is an image of Louise Sparks Howarth

Louise Sparks Howarth 

Director of Pineapple Marketing and Promotions  (AKA your favourite pineapple)

Louise launched Pineapple Marketing and Promotions to share her passion to help business to: Stand Tall & Stand Out Like a Pineapple in the ‘fruit bowl’ of life. This is delivered through social media, strategy, local area marketing, networking and engagement. Louise has a super power of being a ‘cheer leader’ for those within her tribe. She firmly believes ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ and 

With a background in Sales & Marketing in a variety of roles, Louise worked for 10years with an award winning International Sales and Marketing agency in Sydney CBD, and decided it was time to fulfil her passion.  Louise has a real love for connecting with people both in life, for a walk and talk, over a coffee as well as on social media and has a deep love for her community.

Louise went to school in Ingleburn, has lived most of her life in and around the Macarthur, and currently resides in Spring Farm with her Husband, son and 3 pet chickens and loves when her grown step daughters pop over to visit. 

This is a headshot of Cullen Haynes

Cullen Haynes

Finance Specialist at Legal Home Loans

Cullen has a burning passion for finance. Having completed his MBA and rising quickly through the ranks at Macquarie Group to become one of its leading sales executives, this former banker is well versed in catering to the high expectation and time sensitive needs of the professionals he serves. He has now transitioned to his current role at Legal Home Loans as a Finance Specialist for partners and barristers. 

Legal Home Loans is the only finance and mortgage broking firm in Australia that specialises in financing legal professionals. LHL’s vision is to empower all lawyers, allowing them to fully focus on the law and their career whilst knowing their financial house is in order. Cullen’s high energy reflected in his recent win at the MFAA awards (2019) receiving the Newcomer Award for NSW. Cullen is someone you’d want to have in your financial corner.

Fiona Caulley 

Director and Partner at Phillips Family Law Fiona Caulley | Family Lawyer

Fiona is a specialist divorce and family lawyer and Director of Phillips Family Law, based in Brisbane. In 2017 she was acknowledged as a Leading Family Lawyer in Brisbane by Doyle’s Guide, following being named as a Rising Star in 2016. Fiona has become known by her colleagues for taking an empathetic and mindful approach to law and life. She has cultivated a culture of optimism and kindness where her team love what they do and who they do it with. She is passionate about wellness in the legal profession and increasing awareness about the need for lawyers to learn skills to thrive – rather than just survive – legal practice through wellness, mindfulness and other contemplative practices. 

Fiona regularly presents to her colleagues and is developing training for lawyers on effective lawyering, resiliency and enhanced performance through mindfulness. Fiona is the President of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland.

This is an image of Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Creative Director of Goliath Productions

Ben is a highly skilled and talented videographer. He produces high- quality video content. 

Ben has been working in video production and marketing for over 9 years and specialises in directing creative online brand marketing content. He is super easy to talk to and personable- which helps disarm even the most anxious of us, who get nervous in front of the camera! 

Ben loves what he does as it allows him to learn new things from vastly different industries on almost a daily basis, but mainly- he loves meeting new people and making new friendships, and it’s these attributes that shine through in the content he produces.