Are you 'one of those confetti lawyers'!?

Here at Happy Lawyer Happy Life, we are home to those #confettilawyers all around Australia and the world!

The story behind the quote, hashtag and now catch phrase “one of those confetti lawyers” goes something like this…

The HLHL team are renowned for sending out prizes, packages, books and the occasional brief jam packed with confetti. This is not only one of our marketing strategies but also our way of #sparkingjoy and bringing colour into the legal profession. From when we drop them off at the post office, and they arrive on the receiver’s desk, our confetti-filled packages start conversations, bring smiles to faces and often the office vacuum cleaner comes out. But it is all related to our mission of breaking down some of the tough barriers that divide us in #lawland.

A little while ago at a conference, a lawyer came up to us and asked “are you one of those confetti lawyers?” From there, our phrase “one of those confetti lawyers” was born.

‘Confetti-lawyer’ was thrown at us as an insult… turns out we love a bit of confetti mixed with our lawyering… And we suspect you might too! We have since gone on to merch’d the bejesus out of it now because we are fans of turning those lemons into lemonade!

So thanks kind lawyers who shared your dismay for our colourful ways. Without you insult we wouldn’t have made all of those sales!


The artwork was designed in collaboration with Dyan Burgess, Kiarah Grace Kelly and pulled together by our designer, Sarah Follent, into tote bags, coffee mugs, drink bottles and keychains. Buy one, buy them all!

And, just because, Clarissa is now creating handmade, custom, one-of-a-kind #confettilawyer resin artwork in collaboration with her daughter’s business- London and Daisy

Our #confettilawyer Merchandise line is here – that’s right, the shop just got more confetti!

Shop all the pieces in the 'one of those confetti lawyers' line!

Are you are looking for books, planners or #runclub caps...

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