Happy Lawyer Happy Life- The Book


Research the world over is showing us that lawyers are unhappy in very large numbers. Here in Australia, current research suggests that one in three lawyers will experience depression at some stage during their careers. For anyone practising in law or considering it in their future, this statistic is both overwhelming and so very sad.

Happy Lawyer, Happy Life is the book for people on the law path who want to live the happiest life they can, at the same time enjoying all that brought them to their law career in the first place.

Written by Australian lawyer Clarissa Rayward, Happy Lawyer, Happy Life will give you the tools you need to make the best of your career in the law and, perhaps more importantly, find happiness in your life.

Clarissa’s own experience of managing unhappiness in her career is combined with the knowledge and wisdom of many other happy lawyers to create this practical guide – a must-read for anyone considering or navigating a career in the law. The thing is a ‘happy’ lawyer is more productive at work, better able to manage stress and better at their business so why wouldn’t we all want to be ‘happier’ lawyers.  

“A must read for lawyers, young and old, who want to stay in this profession for many years to come. This book is full of practical tips on how to enjoy your career while living a great life with your family and friends along the way.”

If you or someone you know is a lawyer looking to be ‘happier’ or perhaps a law student about to embark upon a career in the law then this book is for you.


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Happy Lawyer Happy Life- "The Book." How to be happy in Law and in Life.
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Become a happier lawyer while growing your business and brand across an 8 week online course which will provide you the tools you will need to tackle the challenges of life in the law while building a career you love.