Hi my name is Clarissa Rayward and thank you for your interest in working with me for your upcoming event. I guess you might want to know a little more about me? Well here goes!

I am a wife, mum to two, Divorce Lawyer (don’t hold that against me!) and lover of chocolate, coffee and anything colourful! I love to write, dance and spend any free moment I have ‘crafting’ (or as I like to call it #bedazzling!)

By day I am an accredited specialist family lawyer and the Director of the Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multidisciplinary practice where my team of lawyers work alongside counsellors and financial planners to ensure that clients receive the holistic support they need through divorce.  I specialise in working with families through separation in a way that keeps them away from the Courts and ideally enables them to remain friends for the future.  This takes courage, and is not for everyone, but divorce is one of the most challenging moments any of us can experience and after almost 20 years in family law I have come to learn that a long, expensive and combative legal process is rarely good for anyone.

I published my first book, Splitsville- How to separate, stay out of court and stay friends in 2015 and have since spent countless hours training family lawyers in Australia and around the world in better ways we can help our clients through divorce.

In my ‘other hours’ I work with lawyers around Australia through my ‘side hustle’ ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’.  After managing my own experience of burn out thanks to my life as a lawyer, I now work helping others ensure they can build great lives in law (and outside of it too!)

My podcast and book both titled ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’ offer insights and resources for legal professionals seeking fulfilling careers and happiness both in law and in life.

I didn’t set out to be a happiness advocate in law but it seems that is just how it has all come together and in 2019 I was recognised as the 2019 Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards Wellness Advocate of the Year and the inaugural winner of the Minds Court Individual Wellness Advocate in Law.

These days I still work with families all around Australia helping them through divorce and separation and all the bits in between.  But in my ‘free time’ I am working hard to change the way lawyers practise law, to reduce our overly high rates of anxiety, depression and psychological illhealth just in case one of my girls decides this crazy career might be for her too!

So there you go.  Me in a few paragraphs!

Now speaking and presenting is what you are here for and had you told 15 year old Clarissa she would spend much of her adult life standing in front of audiences of hundreds of people encouraging them to take action, I can promise you she would have said ‘no way’!  But having spent the past decade encouraging audiences all around the world to think more deeply about their work, their family, their careers and their lives, I consider it a privilege to work with organisations just like yours.

You will find more information here on my website or in my Speakers Kit about how I can help you, but don’t be afraid to get in touch with me so that we can discuss how I can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Looking for a little more?

"With 1 in every 3 lawyers likely to experience mental health conditions during their career, it is time we all find better ways of practising law."

If you would like to see me in action, please watch the the video below.

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Who and what I speak to—

★ Business Owners— Particularly women in business.

★ Families & those working with separating families on relationships & divorce. 

★ Lawyers & Professional Service Providers.

★ And on happiness— In life & business


On life, love and divorce with a spot of happiness in between! This past 3 years I have found myself travelling around Australia presenting to varied audiences on topics from business and law to divorce and family and more often these days the importance of happiness.  I have experience working with small groups right up to large professional audiences and have presented opening Keynotes to multi-day workshop style presentations. 

I can custom design presentations to suit your audience’s needs.

Presentation topics

For women in business.

Be the leader that you would follow. Authentic leadership – the key to the future success of business in our social world.

How do you juggle it all? What has (and hasn’t) worked when it comes to running a business, having a family, and trying to live a life in between?

Seven new job titles in case you think you are just a mum.

Why work life balance didn’t bring me happiness (and why it won’t work for you too!)

On relationships & divorce.

★All is not fair in life and divorce- How to survive your divorce (and thrive!)

★ Collaborative Practice- Working together to better support families after separation.

★ The ‘D’ word- What being a divorce lawyer has taught me about love and life.

★ Relationships! What we need to be teaching our children.

★ Five tools to help reduce stress during divorce (or anytime really!)

For lawyers.

★ Shake it off!  Is confetti the answer to the Modern Lawyer’s problems?

★The future for Family Lawyers- Best practice when working with separating families.

★ Happy Lawyer Happy Life. The 5 traits of a Happy Lawyer in law and in life.

★ Personal Brand! The key to success in today’s professional services market.

★ The 6 Superpowers of a High Performing Happy Lawyer!

And happiness.

Three things I wish I realised when I was 20 not 40.

Can you really find happiness in sadness?

It’s all in the mind! Changing how you see the world to create a happier you.

3 things we can all do right now to make the world a better place.

Are you ready to book me in for your next event?

Who I work with

Kind notes from happy customers

Where to from here—

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please do get in touch to discuss your presentation needs.  You can reach me pretty much everywhere in the social space but I am old school so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!

Clarissa Rayward

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Clarissa Rayward,
happiness advocate in law & life.