Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards ‘Wellness Advocate of the Year’ 2019

Following many years of work as what she calls an ‘accidental wellness advocate’ in law, Clarissa was recognised as the 2019 Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards Wellness Advocate of the Year. Over the past 4+ years, lawyers both nationally and internationally have jumped aboard her ‘happiness project’ by listening to the podcast, reading the book, participating in the 7 day happiness challenge or 8 week online course, talking with friends and colleagues and perhaps most importantly, asking the question- how can I be a happier lawyer? 

Clarissa is deeply proud to have contributed to furthering the conversation about wellness in law but we know there is still a whole lot of #lawlandbedazzling to be done!

This is an image of the 2017 Lexis Nexis Legal Index Badge Winner for Clarissa Rayward

Lexis Nexis and Janders Dean Legal Innovation Index 2017

Clarissa was recently recognised for her innovative ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’ platforms, receiving the 2017 LexisNexis and Janders Dean Legal Innovation Index Award for “The Club”, an online community for entrepreneurial lawyers looking to make the best out of their business while making the best of their lives outside of the law. 

This is an image of the Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards Thought Leader of the Year badge for Clarissa Rayward

Lawyers Weekly Women in Law 2015 ‘Thought Leader of the Year’

In 2015 Clarissa was awarded the Lawyers Weekly ‘Thought Leader of the Year’ Award for her work in opening a dialogue for better ways to support families experiencing divorce and separation. Clarissa is also the immediate past President of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Qld- the representative body for over 900 Family Law Professionals throughout Queensland. 


This online mastermind is designed to provide access to a community of like-minded lawyers who are committed to being happy in law and life. THE CLUB provides members access to a faculty of professionals handpicked to assist you in building a modern law business that is right for you. What’s even better? You will be doing it with the support of other lawyers that have been through the same struggles as you.