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Demetrio Zema

Founder and Director at Law Squared

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Jennifer Harris

Special Counsel at Clayton UTZ

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Rebecca Lancaster

Principal Solicitor at Maxwell & Lancaster Solicitors

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Dan Bottrell

BGM Family Lawyers

Megan Sweetlove

Megan Sweetlove
Lawyer South Australia

“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, Clarissa in her specialised course focusing on all things happiness in life and law (something I really wish had been around in my very early career). Learning about personal branding, building one’s business, and maintaining a consistent level of happiness in and out of law, from someone I have admired for many years, has been a wonderful experience. It has been enormously beneficial not only to my professional life, but has also made a significant difference in my personal life.

As I navigate this “new world” of combining law and parenting, and adjusting to these competing priorities – particularly the transition to full-time lawyer with three small humans – the workshops and conversations held in the private group were invaluable. They created the accountability I needed on a weekly basis to enable me to identify and work towards my goals – what does a happy life look like to me, and how do I make it happen?!

One of the things I enjoyed the most during the course was the environment created by all group members, and which allowed us all to be candid and supportive about our experiences in law or life, which is so uncommon – but so necessary!

I have learned so much from Clarissa, from her positive approach to life in and out of law to the example she provides every day as a wonderful reminder that there is no “right” path to an enjoyable career in law, and one does certainly not to follow the “traditional” path.

With Clarissa’s knowledge and support, I have reduced the overwhelm associated with identifying what a happy career path looks like for me; and have since (successfully!) redirected my practice in a way that aligns with my personal and professional values.

I encourage lawyers to not only participate, but fully engage in this course – particularly those who are wanting to identify what it is that makes them happy in life and how to incorporate that into their daily life!”

Fiona Caulley

Fiona Caulley 
Lawyer Brisbane 

“I was extremely fortunate to be one of a small group of lawyers to learn about the world of personal branding and social media with Clarissa. The learnings developed via weekly updates, homework and workshops were invaluable.

Clarissa’s constant enthusiasm, encouragement and sharing her considerable experience, creates a truly inspiring environment – one which brought people together and created accountability to achieve their individual goals.

With Clarissa’s encouragement, I have been able to establish my own website and blog, something which had been a goal of mine for some time, but prior to the learnings from Clarissa, seemed overwhelming.

Clarissa is a gifted educator who has been able to break down the steps required and offer support and encouragement every step of the way. I highly recommend the course to all lawyers wanting to be happier and set goals for the New Year. ”

Fran Keyes

Fran Keyes
Lawyer Brisbane

“I came to know Clarissa Rayward well before she came to know me. In mid-2017 late one evening I stumbled across her Happy Lawyer Happy Life podcast. I spent the next months listening to her podcasts which soon became a highlight of my week. Through her podcasts, Clarissa creates a safe space for guest lawyers to share their lives, their stories, their vulnerabilities. Clarissa interweaves her guests’ stories with occasional insights into her own life almost effortlessly. Such is her skill she is able to keep her audiences captivated for the hour-long episodes often wanting more! Some guests have since told me their podcast experience was both intensely positive and life changing. These stories helped me to place things into perspective. 

One of Clarissa’s many gifts is her innate ability to connect with people. In turn she has brought together so many people, not only lawyers but also like-minded professionals, from across the continent! I have since come to know Clarissa, her team at BFLC, other lawyers and professionals I would never otherwise have met, very well. I can’t imagine my life now without them!  

I have learned so much from participating in Clarissa’s various workshops, also her on-line Club for entrepreneurial lawyers who are trying to improve their businesses as well as their lives. I am so grateful for the support and inspiration I receive from Clarissa, her team and Club community many of whom have become friends. 

Clarissa has enormous energy and enthusiasm for the law, she is honest, engaging, intelligent, warm, funny and wise beyond her years. I trust her and am always learning from her. Most recently my new legal and mediation practice has benefited from some of Clarissa’s business coaching sessions. Clarissa deserves every success. What she does every day makes a real difference to so many lives. 

Thank you for the difference you’ve made and continue to make to mine.”