Panel Discussion: Technology in Law- Tools, Tricks and Tips!

Facilitated by Fiona McLay.

Author Kiarah Grace Kelly

Straight after lunch on Day 2 of the Club Retreat 2018 we dived right into a panel discussion concerning all things tech. There’s no doubt that legal business owners are no longer able to ignore the tech changes that are coming for them.

Know What's Out There

On the panel today we had four lawyers turned tech entrepreneurs join us to talk us through the current offering of legal business tech tools available to us. Today we heard from Fiona from LawSwitch AND FamilyProperty, Lucy from ContactsLaw, Zac from Autiomio and Karen from Wise Owl Legal. Our facilitator for this session was Fiona McLay who boasts a keen interest in technology inspired out of necessity due to her position as a sole practitioner. 

Fiona shared with us that her mission is to automate the client engagement and onboarding process as well as providing a solution for managing family law property matters, all online. ContactsLaw is all about doing practice management better and only telling your system something once. Automio provides document creation, automated! Wise Owl Legal is a practice management software that does things differently and promises to be ‘smarter software.’ 

It's All About Integration

Almost as soon as question time began, Clubbers voiced there concerns that they felt the implementation process surrounding introducing a new technology to their firms was all too overwhelming. To that, our techies gave their key learnings after working with countless firms between them. In terms of tackling the implementation phase, we all need to remember that these technologies and others like them are designed to make our work more efficient so, to put it simply, any time given to the implementation should be gained back tenfold. Next, you must listen to what the tech vendor is telling you that their product is capable of! Whilst we might get our hands on a new product and quickly find our feet and settle into using it fairly well, if you know there’s more that product can offer you – try it out! Further, there’s no right or wrong way to implement these things, maybe you dedicate some learning time every quarter and learn it bit by bit, maybe you delegate one person in your firm to head off to formal training and bring back their learnings with them, that way you’ve got a semi-professional in house. Finally, you have to have the space to innovate so if you want all the fabulousness that comes in this new and exciting world, you’ve gotta make time.

How do I Approach It?

When considering a new tech product for your team, ask the vendor the following:-

  1. Do I get the product out of the box? Do I have to build it? Is it a combination of both?
  2. Where is my data? Is it safe? Can I have it back if I need it?
  3. How is this purchase going to scale up my business?
  4. How are you going to support me?
  5. Can you help me in deciding some metrics I should be using to measure the success of this product?

Whilst this is a pretty daunting space, there’s one thing you needa know; it’s all about finding harmony between your processes and your tech.

Thanks to our partners for helping us bring The Retreat 2018 (a law conference like no other!) to you!

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