The Power of Connection

Ann Marie David

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Author: Hannah Trotter

In classic Ann-Marie David fashion, she instantly has the crowd on their feet demonstrating their superpowers to one another but, with a twist – no speaking allowed! 

There’s a bit of dancing, a lot of giggling and with that, the after lunch lull has certainly left the room. 

Ann-Marie’s first acknowledgement was about how every presentation, despite our speakers having been given complete free-reign as to topic, has had the common thread of being centered around humanity. 

Ann Marie is famous for her super power of connecting people with opportunity and ideas but she encourages us to realise how this can also become our super power. 

As people, we have thousands of interactions every day and with each one of these, we are given the opportunity to create connection. 

5 Senses and Their Roles in Connecting Us

As humans, connection is innate – it’s within us from the very beginning. Each of our senses are designed to bring about connection. 

  1. Sight – When we make eye contact with one another, our brains physically light up. We engage, we connect and pathways are created within our brains. 
  2. Touch – physically reaching out to touch someone. When we hug, hold, touch – our brains remember the experience and form pathways that can never be erased. The physiological impact of hugging is astonishing – it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and boosts serotonin levels. The electrical charge we given one another allows these pathways to embed within our brains. 
  3. Hearing – we have a radar for voice. If you register and know a voice, you can be in a crowded and noisy room and still hear it. 
  4. Smell – one of the strongest sources of memory that we have. It can connect us back to a place, a time, a feeling, a person.
  5. Taste – working in unison with smell to connect us to memory. 

Super Charging Your Power

The key to using the power of connection is building empathetic engagement.  It is this empathy that sets us apart from technology. 

Empathetic engagement creates the difference in how we make decisions and it develops trust. 

We are living in a world of disruption. Today, from the moment children are born, they are bombarded with technology. With screens held up to their eyes, they lose the opportunity to develop human connection. 

The philological impacts on the brain of a child when it is neglected, that is lacking connection, are astounding. 

We need to make the conscious effort to utilise our five senses and empathetic engagement to connect with someone at every opportunity. 


With that, Ann Marie has every attendee linking arms,  swaying, smiling, reaching out to one another, and she has certainly come through on her own power of connecting each human here today.  

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