Productise & Profit: How to simplify your business so you can do work you love.

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Lucy Dickens is the queen of all things productising. Lucy sees the world differently to many; in Lucy’s world there’s no legal product that can’t be productised. Lucy Dickens hails from Perth and graces the halls of city firm Birman & Ride by day. It is at Birman & Ride where Lucy has built and built and built. Birman & Ride now points so heavily to its inner productised businesses every day and Lucy has been such a huge part of that.

In opening her presentation, Lucy asked of us- why are we all here today? Lucy posed that there was something bigger bringing us all together, she suggested that was our collective care for meaning. Lucy goes on to explain how to get from productised services right to your meaning.

But, Why?

Productised services will allow us to simplify our businesses, we’ll go from selling time to selling solutions. 

It’s productised services that will allow us to penetrate our potential client’s scarcity mindset in a buyers market. Why? Lucy tells us that the drivers of selection when potential clients are choosing between us all are; the benefits to them, our communication with them, whether they perceive any hassle for them ahead and, in fourth place, price.

What is a Productised Service?

Productised services are packaged, sold and delivered. They are made up of deliverables and outcomes. They are always fixed price and fixed scope. Productised services position you as the expert. 

The magic of the productised service is that it is tangible, Lucy told us how it’s always easier to say yes to something you can see. When you can deliver someone something, you delight them. 

Keys to Success

So what are Lucy’s ‘must-dos’ when it comes to the productised service? Here’s the situation-

  1. Keep your ideal client at the centre of everything while you build, but also while you deliver;
  2. Sell what your client’s want, not what you want to sell;
  3. Remember that the solutions your ideal clients want, are bigger than law;
  4. To get from customer to solution, you need systems;
  5. Once you’ve got it, cross sell with it!

The Journey

Lucy took us through her productisation ladder, where do you fit? 

  • the traditional practice – you sell your expertise according to time, you tell, tell and tell again what your skills are and your client finds it difficult to know what they can do with them;
  • you sell packages – you’ve got the ingredients and you tell your client’s what you can do. But there’s no method;
  • the specialist – you know your knowledge is worth more than your time. You’ve got the packages and you’re value priced;
  • you’re productised – you take your clients from problem to promise. They get the product that they’ve been waiting for and you made it happen;
  • you have a product ecosystem – you’ve got many products, they’re automated. You’re spending the time you’ve saved by automating meaningfully. Plus, you get to choose the parts of the products process you get involved in!

Parting Words

Lucy left us by giving us a challenge- be more like a haiku (simple, elegant, full of meaning). 

If you’re looking for more, Lucy has written an e-book(!) all about this topic and you can get it at lucydickens.com.au. Lucy is happy to take questions at [email protected].

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