The Club Retreat Blog 2019

Over the weekend of Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November 2019, I gathered together with many lawyers from across Australia and New Zealand for The Club Retreat. Over the past 3 years, this two day conference at Kingscliff has grown from 25 colleagues sitting around a table to over 100 professionals, both in law and out, in a huge colourful conference hall.

I am deeply proud of this event and its ability to bring lawyers together from all practice areas and types of firms to genuinely spend two days laughing, crying and learning from some of the most powerful and talented speakers in this country – it’s something I have not experienced anywhere else in my career!

Why does all that matter? Well because the practice of law, the profession that I am so privileged to be a part of, comes with so many challenges – a culture of overwork, competition and perfectionism that continue to result in unnecessarily high rates of burn out and psychological ill-health.

Thanks to my amazing blogging team in Kiarah Grace Kelly and Hannah Trotter, you can access all the content from the two days in blog form!!

To read the Club Retreat 2019 highlights reel please follow the links below.

Day 1— Friday 8 November 2019

This is an image of Matthew Hickey

Matthew Hickey—

Why finding your voice matters! Understanding how to use your voice (and how others use theirs) can make you a more effective lawyer and person.

Claudia King—

How To Make Seven Figures At Your Law Firm. 

This is an image of John Knight Director of Business DEPOT

John Knight—

What the great legal businesses are doing right now! [From profit to strategy]

Mel Telecican ​

Mel Telecican—

Scaling Reputation- Overcoming Distrust In The Marketplace.

This is a image of Lynda Mckie

Lynda Mckie—

The Barefoot Investor & The Bindi Patch

This is an image of Dyan Burgess

Dyan Burgess—

Design thinking or MVP: Call it what you want – let’s get creative!

This is an image of lawyer Royal Reed.

Royal Reed—

Kindness as the new KPI: A simple way to measure success may be just as effective by returning to the principle of kindness.

This is a image of Lawyer Shelby Timmins

Shelby Timmins—

It’s All A Façade! The truth behind life in law.

Day 2— Saturday 9 November 2019

This is an image of Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths—

Future Proof Your Spirit: 7 strategies to reconnect, to protect and to nurture your true self.

This is a image of Lawyer Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris—

More Than Monthly Macchiatos: Mentoring for impact.

This is an image of Sam Buckby

Sam Buckby—

Creating inspired work spaces with people, performance and purpose in mind.

Dave Eddy

Dave Eddy—

The Funny Thing(s) About Lawyer Marketing

This is an image of Jo Alilovic

Jo Alilovic—

Scaling the Old Fashioned Way- With People

This is a image of Lawyer Ann-Maree David

Ann Maree David—

The Power of Connection: It Starts With You!

This an image of Lucy Dickens

Lucy Dickens—

Productise and Profit: How to simplify your business so you can do the work you love. 

Katherine Maslen—

Do It Now: You Have Everything Inside Of You To Make That Shift & Make It Now!

Jacob Aldridge—

Everything I Learnt, I Learnt from Cinema: Lessons from the World’s Greatest Cinephile!