Become a happier lawyer— 
Join the free 7 day reset challenge kicking off Monday 17 January 2022!

Alright lawyer friends! Due to the wonderful response from all those who participated in the initial ‘7 Day Happiness Challenge’ I have decided to bring it back!   

This little idea was dreamt up over Christmas 2017 and I could never have imagined the fun we have had. I expected around 50 willing participants and ended up with a vibrant community of over 360 Challengers. And for our challenges over the following three years, we had over 1250 participants!! It reminds me that we are all looking for better ways to be great lawyers and live great lives at the same time. 

We are kick starting the challenge on Monday 17 January for 2022! You can expect a week of tips, tricks, laughs and fun as I share some of my learnings on the things that have helped me build a career in the law that I (mostly) love!

Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time researching the concept of ‘Happiness’ in law and in life.  There is a good chance you have heard about or read my book, Happy Lawyer Happy Life’- How to be happy in law and life. I wrote this book after overcoming a period of significant unhappiness in my career as a lawyer.  I have come to learn we can’t be happy all the time but there are things we can do each day that give us all the best chance of happiness most of the time!

So how does it work?

You can register for the next ‘Happiness Challenge’ in the form below and once we hit our start date for 2022 you will receive an email each morning with your daily challenge for the next 7 days!  These challenges are fun, easy and won’t take away too much of your time but are designed to get a bit more ‘happy’ into your life!  Your job will be to implement the daily challenge and while you do, join the Happiness Challenge Facebook Group and share your learnings, join in the discussion and meet some new lawyer friends along the way.

How do I join?

Easy! Just fill in your details below and you are in! And why not invite a few lawyer friends to join you as well!  The more the merrier! Literally!  This is an online challenge, so no matter where you are in the world you can come and join in the fun!

What else do I need to know?

Nothing really! Just sign up, play along and see if you can’t create a little more happiness in your life!

Why Happiness?

Just what amounts to happiness is different for all of us but there are some common themes- a feeling of contentment, a sense of belonging, purpose and meaning. Many studies have shown that being ‘happy’ improves all aspects of our lives. The University of Berkeley’s ‘Greater Good Science Centre’- one of the world’s leading ‘happiness research centres’ reports that happy people-

★ are healthier
★ have improved relationships with others
★ are more productive at work
★ cope better with stress
★ are more creative

So why wouldn’t we all want to be happier lawyers!

So tell me, are you up for the challenge?

Register your details below to join the next FREE 7 day “Reset Challenge!” 

Kick starting Monday 17 January for 2022!



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