Advanced Collaborative Practice- 4 Week Online Program

To help you refine your Collaborative skills and earn those CPD points!

Advanced Collaborative Practice Online Program

Fine-tune your collaborative practice skills!

Have you completed an Introductory Collaborative Training Program but the Collaborative work is still not rolling in the door? Are you looking to refine your Collaborative skills? Then this four week course is for you!

Collaborative Practice is now a widely used form of dispute resolution for separating families.  This program is designed to meet the standards detailed in the Law Council of Australia’s “Australian Collaborative Practice Guidelines for Lawyers”.  It will also satisfy the requirements to be classified as a collaborative professional with both the Queensland Collaborative Law Association and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

With the current court delays and market focus on alternative, affordable solutions for separating families, Collaborative Practice is a much needed skill for any Family Law professional. 

Practice within the Collaborative Model is an insightful, challenging and hugely rewarding experience for practitioners and developing  the skills necessary to work confidently in this area is some of the most fulfilling training available. 

In this 4 week program we will cover-

Week 1: Show me the Collaborative Matters! The importance of client experience and positive priming every step of the way.

This week we’ll be discussing how every action has a reaction. How we do what we do, what we say, the information we provide, and the information we don’t provide will all influence the client experience of collaborative practice. In this first part of the course we will explore the science of positive priming and how small changes can make a big difference in the success of your collaborative matters.

Week 2: You are so Not Collaborative! Managing the non-collaborative, collaborative professional (including you!)

As collaborative professionals we bring many years of experience to the table- much of which will be helpful to our clients and our teams, but some of which will hinder the collaborative process. This week we will look at what it takes to build a high performance team in collaborative practice.

Week 3: Interests, Information and Iteration! All the ‘I’s’ of collaborative practice!

The collaborative process is built on the principles of interest based negotiation. How we gather that information and present it can make all the difference to the success of your process. This week we will revisit interest based negotiation with a focus on information sharing and option generation, looking at what works best when helping families find solutions that work for them.

Week 4: And it is all falling apart! What to do when your collaborative process is falling apart!

This week we will explore the challenges that arise in collaborative matters and what to do when it comes to an end.

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 4-weeks to build up your collaborative practice, add to your ‘tool kit’ and hone your understanding of the collaborative process!

You will have access to...

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A private online focus group of like minded professionals. 

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Weekly online masterclasses with a few surprises in store!

Launching Friday 17 September 2021

This 4 week program is completely online so you can join no matter where you are thanks to 'Technology!'

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  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
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$ 709
  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
  • Weekly masterclasses via zoom
  • Online focus group

The Presenter!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer |
Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

 Hi, my name’s Clarissa Rayward.

I’m a collaborative divorce lawyer from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m the Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multi-disciplinary legal practice where lawyers work alongside financial planners and psychologists to provide our clients with the holistic service they need during divorce.

I set up my firm in 2008 and can safely say that at that time, I had no idea about how to market my business, nor how important that was to keeping my business going. Fast forward 11 years and I now spend more of my time in marketing activities than doing anything else!

Over the past 11 years I’ve invested heavily in learning as much as  I can about marketing to be able to grow my business, but more importantly to be able to niche my business so that I am largely now working purely in out of Court divorce practices such as collaborative practice and mediation.

I am now an Author of 2 books, a Blogger and Podcaster (while still working in my spare time as a Divorce Lawyer) and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge of business, marketing and wellness, running courses just like this one today.

There has never been a better time to be in the marketing game- thanks to that wonderful creation, the Internet, the barriers to entry have been removed. During this online course I hope to inspire you to overcome any fears you have about marketing your personal brand and business so you can head back to your office and get to much more happy lawyer fun!

The Co-Presenters!

Regular guest presenters often join me over the course of the training to help make more sense of this wonderful process we call ‘Collaborative Practice!’ I have the pleasure of working alongside a team of multifaceted professionals to assist in bringing holistic and human-centred services and outcomes to my clients. The presenters include: 

This is an image of divorce coach Shelby Timmins

Shelby Timmins

Mediator, Family Dispute Practitioner, Divorce Coach & Director at Divorce Done Differently

Shelby is doing law differently. Before stepping away from a traditional legal practice, she was an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Shelby holds a Masters in Law from the University of Sydney, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Conflict Coach, Parenting Coordinator, Collaborative Professional and Doyles 2019 and 2020 recommended mediator.

Shelby is a training faculty member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, Co-Vice President of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc and President of Southern Sydney Collaborative Professionals.

Shelby has over 18 years experience as a family lawyer and spent much of this at one of Sydney’s most respected specialists family law firms. Shelby is now an author and regular presenter in the area of family dispute resolution and interdisciplinary collaborative practice.

Shelby is passionate about doing things differently in the family law space and is determined to get parties, their lawyers and other professionals to look at separation, divorce and the breakdown of families in a more respectful and future focused way.

With this in mind, Shelby stepped aside from practising law and established a boutique family law dispute resolution practice which specialises in mediation, interdisciplinary collaborative practice, conflict coaching, separation and divorce support and family law wellness workshops.

Her business is called DIVORCE DONE DIFFERENTLY.

This is an image of John Thynne

John’s primary area of practice is the provision of expert evidence into the family law arena. Since being Collaboratively trained in 2008, John has pursued an alternative approach to delivering expert evidence. He has undertaken additional Collaborative training in both Australia and in the United States, completing his national mediation accreditation and developing his experience in acting as financial neutral in the Collaborative process.

John is an experienced Collaborative trainer and among the busiest financial neutrals working in Collaborative practice in Queensland and New South Wales. He has developed significant expertise and customised tools to assist parties and practitioners in both the Collaborative process and in litigation matters.

This is a image of Lynda Mckie

Lynda McKie

Senior Wealth Adviser at Elston

Lynda McKie is the founder of Family Law Specialist Services at Elston Private Wealth. Working alongside leading Accredited Family Law Specialists, Lynda and her team offer expert financial planning advice on matters involving family businesses, corporate structures and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. This advice is designed to empower clients to negotiate with confidence, and become financially savvy and independent, post-divorce. Elston specialist advisers also deliver neutral advice to parties resolving their family law dispute via Collaborative Practice, Lynda and her team often appearing as guest contributors to Clarissa’s Introductory and Advanced Collaborative Practice training sessions.

Through their work, Lynda and her team, have assisted business owners operating SME legal practices with their personal wealth planning. It’s not uncommon for busy professionals to put their own needs last. Elston provides advice on transforming cash flow into productive wealth to realise a prosperous and secure future.