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4 weeks to help you to create or improve the way you use
fixed and value pricing in your firm.

Launching Monday 12 August 2024 12pm

Fixed Fee Online Program


The ‘fixed fee’ billing model has quickly become the way forward when designing the processes for a sustainable legal practice. In this program, I will help you create a plan to implement an alternate billing system that will work for you, your team and your clients. 

Over the past 7 years, I’ve researched, trialled and taught other legal professionals about fixed and value pricing, and about the ways to apply this model to the legal landscape. I have come to learn that there will always be aspects of a fixed fee billing system that require improvement, tinkering or restructuring- and that’s okay. I am here to provide you with the space and tools to create or improve the way you use fixed and value pricing in your firm.

Online & in your lunch break!

Week 1: Monday 12 August 12- 1pm AEST
Week 2: Monday 19 August 12- 1pm AEST
Week 3: Monday 26 August 12- 1pm AEST
Week 4: Monday 3 September 12- 1pm AEST


This program is for you if-

  • You are considering adding fixed price services to your law firm
  • You are dabbling with fixed pricing but don’t really know it if ‘works’!
  • You have tossed those time sheets but are looking to improve your systems
  • Or you are a law firm owner or leader who just wants to come and hang out with some cool people and learn! (While maybe getting rid of timesheets from your life forever too!)

This program is designed for anyone wanting to implement an alternative billing model in their law firm or legal business. In saying that, anyone is welcome, but our content will be based on the business side of law and how fixed fee systems can better operate in law firms.

What’s included?

  • 4x weekly masterclasses with Clarissa Rayward (and a committed cohort of other lawyers!)
  • Weekly workbooks, practical activities and challenges
  • A dedicated online database with lifelong access (so you can always re-visit materials!)
  • A focus on facilitating both professional and personal learnings for lawyers in relation to fixed and value pricing
  • Practical tools, tips and advice to help you create a plan to build a process around fixed fee billing
  • And of course, lots of happy lawyer surprises and fun!

What does the program look like?

I get it- you want a program outline! Well here is the thing, these programs are run as a focus group (each one is different thanks to each group offering or looking for something to suit them). So, we like to tailor the content to the attendees, it will work like this… There will be 4 parts, all designed to focus in on 4 key areas that I have come to learn make all the difference when it comes to creating an alternative billing model to suit you-

Lesson 1- Data is your friend!

What you need when implementing and tweaking a fixed and value pricing model (aka the numbers)

Lesson 2- It’s all in the scope & the price!!

Building project plans for your client files. Let’s make something— it’s time to create some practical tools to implement into your practice. We will also take a look at the ways to value price—  the steps and considerations.
Lesson 3-
  The documents!

In this part of our progam, you will start having a go at building your fixed fee proposals. You will have the chance to workshop a fixed fee proposal or process just for you (with the assistance of my brain full of ideas to help!)

Lesson 4-  And let’s create that plan!!

To finish the program, we will create a plan for you to build your fixed fee process and touch points for both your clients and team!

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4 Week Online Program Launch Monday 5 February 2024

$ 549
  • 4 lessons online program with lifelong access
  • Meets your local CPD requirements. One CPD point for each hour of attendance.
  • Workbooks and touch-points for each lesson
  • And a whole lot of fixed fee fries, I mean wisdom with that!!
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Did you know I now have 'Fixed & Value Pricing The BFLC Way' documents packs?

The Presenter!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer |
Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Hi, my name’s Clarissa Rayward.

I am a collaborative divorce lawyer from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I am the Founder and Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multi-disciplinary legal practice where lawyers work alongside financial planners and psychologists to provide our clients with the holistic service they need during divorce.

I am now an Author of 2 books, a Blogger and Podcaster (while still working in my spare time as a Divorce Lawyer) and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge of business, marketing and wellness, running courses just like this one.

Back in early 2016 I made the decision that it was time to do with time-based billing systems in my law firm. Fast forward to today and we have made the shift, but not without many learnings along the way.

Law and Accounting are amongst the slowest of the professions to change. Despite much talk of innovation and disruption only a handful of firms have made the shift to billing structures that are anything other than the traditional ‘time for money’ model.

In order for legal and accounting practices to stay ahead of these changing times, I am firmly of the view that we need to move away from the outdated ‘time-based billing’ models that our professions have survived on for many generations. Time-based billing structures sadly reward inefficiencies- the slower a piece of work is done, the higher a firm is able to charge. If we step outside of Law and Accounting and consider the many industries of business, very few connect their ‘price’ to the time it takes to get something done.

There has never been a better time to be in the ‘fixed fee billing’ game- thanks to our savvy consumer world. During this online program I hope to inspire you to overcome any fears you have about the fixed and value pricing model  so you can head back to your office and get to much more happy lawyering fun!