Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of working with a great group of lawyers around Australia in the Happy Lawyer Happy Life online programs.  Each week, we’ve explored just what it means to be a happy lawyer and at the same time we’ve been sharing our experiences through a private Facebook community.  We’ve formed friendships, shared experiences and learned so much from each other about law, happiness and even business.  By surrounding ourselves with like-minded, high performing positive people, we are all trying new things, feeling happier and reminding ourselves why we came into this industry in the first place. 

And so that’s how The Club was created – by bringing together a community of like-minded positive high performing lawyers where the focus is on supporting one another, sharing knowledge and learning. We’re made up of amazing lawyers from all around Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world, who are all looking to change the way our profession operates in the future. Over the past few years, The Club has grown so much – we now have an incredible community of over 100 lawyers, drawn together by support and the drive to improve our lives in and out of the law. 

The connections, friendships, expertise and learnings that The Club has brought together is something very special, and I’d love for you to come join our unique legal community. 

Through a Membership with The Club, lawyers have access to...

Happy Lawyer Happy Life The Club Professionals Image

Access to the Private Online Database

With access to replays of all webinars, workshops and faculty extras, the online database is packed full of expertise.

These are brought to you by an expert faculty of professionals from diverse industries including legal, business, finance, marketing, IT, health and wellness.

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Community of Committed Professionals

Join a community of supportive and like-minded lawyers from around the globe. 

You can engage at any time through a private Facebook group, which allows for accountability, advice and connection to assist you in your goal achievement.  

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Exclusive Access to LIVE Workshops and Events

Live weekly Q & A, a weekly Podcast, troubleshooting and deep-dive interactive workshops (we like to call this CPD on tap!)

As well as the capacity to access 1 on 1 coaching from Faculty Experts on legal, business and wellness.

Do You Want to Join The Club?