Turn Your IP Into Products
4 Week Online Program

To help you start making money while you sleep!



The world is full of creative people encountering moments of inspiration where an idea sparks. For some, this can happen daily and for others, it’s a once in a life time flash of genius. So if this is the case, why do so many wonderful ideas go unheard?  Do you know what it feels like to have an innovative idea but not know how to turn it into more than just a thought? 

Introducing my new workshop “Turn Your IP into Products!” (I like to call it ‘making $’ while you sleep!)

An online program for innovators who are ready to turn their ideas into so much more. Whether you are new to the world of product creation or you have products developed and ready to roll out, this workshop will encourage and guide you through the process so that you too know how to produce your ideas whenever inspiration strikes. 

Most of us spend our days in law ‘selling’ our IP in 6 minute increments.  But what if you could take all that IP and bundle it up into products that your clients need, would use and would even willingly pay for on a Sunday when you are otherwise out enjoying your weekend?

In this program I will help you brainstorm and build a framework for you to start to turn all that IP that lies around your firm (and mostly sits in your mind!) into resources and products that will change the way you engage with your marketplace.

If you have thought about writing a book, a course, producing webinars or other ‘e-products’ this new program is for you! 

We will be spending four amazing weeks together! 

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4-weeks to start implementing a framework to build out the products of your dreams.

You will have access to...

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A private online focus group of like minded innovative professionals. 

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Online masterclasses with a few surprises in store!

Launching soon.

This 4 week program is completely online so you can join no matter where you are thanks to 'technology!'

Early Bird Pricing Available

If you register by 14 April you can save yourself a red hot $150.

Early Bird Pricing

$ 559
  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
  • Weekly masterclasses via zoom
  • Online focus group
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4 Week Online Program Price

$ 709
  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
  • Weekly masterclasses via zoom
  • Online focus group

The Presenter!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer |
Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

 Hi, my name’s Clarissa Rayward.

I’m a collaborative divorce lawyer from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m the Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multi-disciplinary legal practice where lawyers work alongside financial planners and psychologists to provide our clients with the holistic service they need during divorce. 

I set up my firm in 2008 and can safely say that at that time, I had no idea about how to build products for business, nor how important that was to keeping my business going. Fast forward 11 years and I now spend more of my time in marketing and product activities than doing anything else!

Over the past 11 years I’ve invested heavily in learning as much as I can about what I like to call ‘making money while you sleep’ to be able to grow my business, but more importantly to be able to niche my business so that I am largely now working purely in out of Court divorce practices such as collaborative practice and mediation.

I am now an Author of 2 books, a Blogger and Podcaster (while still working in my spare time as a Divorce Lawyer) and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge of business, marketing and wellness, running courses just like this one today.

There has never been a better time to be in the turn you IP into products game- thanks to that wonderful creation, the Internet, the barriers to entry have been removed. During this online program I hope to inspire you to overcome any fears you have about turning your IP into products so you can start making money while you sleep!