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Become a happier lawyer while growing your business and brand across an 8 week online course which will provide you the tools you will need to tackle the challenges of life in the law while building a career that you love. 

If you are interested in joining, the course has just kick-started Monday 7 February 2022!

Research the world over is showing us that lawyers are unhappy in very large numbers. Here in Australia, current research suggests that one in three lawyers will experience depression at some stage during their careers. For anyone practicing in law or considering it in their future, this statistic is both overwhelming and so very sad.

We are often hearing of the high risks of depression and anxiety but so little is said of how the ‘unhappy’ lawyer can become ‘happy’ again.  The thing is a ‘Happy’ Lawyer is more productive at work, better able to manage stress and better at their business so why wouldn’t we all want to be ‘happier’ lawyers.

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Who is the course for?

If you are- 

★ A lawyer- whether brand new, experienced or an old hat!

Who is- 

★ Struggling to get to work

★ Worrying about how you will tackle another year as a lawyer

★ Questioning why you chose this profession in the first place

★ Looking for a new burst of energy; and

★ Wanting to grow your law firm or personal brand while becoming a happier lawyer

Then the Happy Lawyer Happy Life course is for you!

Can lawyers really be happy?

Have there been moments in your career when you have considered throwing in the law towel? I know I have been there and the more lawyers I speak with, the more I have come to realise I am not alone. These moments arise when we are feeling tired, overwhelmed and unappreciated, those times in life when you have given everything to your career, to the detriment of yourself.

I have never regretted my decision to study law. But I have often regretted the impact that I have allowed the practice of law to have on my life. It is this sense of regret, which I have come to accept, understand and manage, that has inspired this course.

Does this sound like you?

No matter your age or stage of career ‘unhappiness’ is something many of us lawyers have to manage.

There is a strong chance that some of the passion and purpose that brought you here – that desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others – has started to fall away as your days in your office are filled with full intrays and inboxes and managing client conflicts and unhappy colleagues. I expect that your work life has become a little blurry, and probably very busy, with so much going on that you can’t tell me in detail just what you did today. And there is a good chance that if I asked you to tell me the last time you actually felt like you made a positive difference in the life of another person, you would have to pause, think hard and search back a little way. It probably seems like forever ago that you really felt great in your work. 

The thing is, I bet even today something you have done at work has had a positive impact in the world – the difficulty right now is that you won’t have noticed it. You have not trained your brain to look for and see these moments. Instead, your brain is very focused on what needs to be done, what is on that to-do list, and what you have to get through to make sure you can hit those billable targets. I expect that same brain is the one you take home with you and, sadly, it doesn’t come with an off switch. So at home, you probably find you are distracted, worrying about work and planning tomorrow rather than living today.

How does the course work?

For 8 weeks you will be hanging out with a supportive community of fellow ‘mostly happy lawyers’ who are all focused on making the best of their careers in 2021. All you will need is an email address, a laptop, and about an hour a week to work your way through some fun activities and modules! 

What does the course cover?

Module 1- What does it mean to you to be a ‘happy lawyer’?

We are all different and my concepts of happiness may not be the same as yours.  In this week’s module you will work out just what your personal goals are when it comes to being a ‘Happier Lawyer’.

Module 2- The science of happiness

Thanks to modern science we are surrounded by wonderful advances in research showing us just what is happening inside our bodies and our brains when we are unhappy.  In this week’s module you will look more closely at the impact of ‘unhappiness’ on your mind and body and start to make changes in your daily routines to improve your happiness

Module 3- The first habit of Happiness- Health

The traditional practice of law does not sit well with a healthy lifestyle. Working 16 hour days tied to a desk and computer does not leave much room for healthy eating, regular movement or the necessary sleep that our brains need to function at their best. In this module you will consider what changes you can make each day to ensure your health is a priority.

Module 4- The second habit of Happiness- Mindset

A happy lawyer has a positive, mindful and ‘glass half full’ attitude (most of the time!). They have the capacity to see the good in most situations, are grateful for the opportunities their career has given them and are mindful- living in the moment and enjoying life for what it is. In this module you will learn new skills helping you to find that positive mindset and better manage stress.

Module 5- The third habit of Happiness- Passion

A happy lawyer pursues their passions every day and most have passions that sit well outside the law. In this module you will look at how you can work some of your own passions into your everyday life to improve your happiness.

Module 6- The fourth habit of Happiness- Purpose

It doesn’t take long working long days in the law to lose sight of the reasons that brought you here in the first place. In this module you will get clear on your purpose and how that connects with your career- a key to maintaining happiness in your work.

Module 7- The fifth habit of Happiness- Being You

You are a person first and a lawyer second but it is easy to lose sight of just who you are in a career full of tradition and stereotypes. In this module you will map out just who ‘you’ are as a person and how you can bring that to work in 2022.

Module 8- Your ‘Happiness plan’ for 2022 and beyond

In the final week you will bring all of your new skills and knowledge together to map out and implement your career and business plan

This course will give you:

★ A clear understanding of the drivers of unhappiness in law (and how you can manage them!)

★ A business or career plan tailored to your goals

★ Weekly learning modules designed to help you make changes in your law life to improve your happiness

★ Access to an exclusive community of fellow ‘happy lawyers’ to keep you accountable to your goals

★ 4 online live workshops to deep dive into the course content

If you want to become a happier lawyer, then this program is for you!

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"The Course" Price

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$ 709
  • one time payment

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$ 559
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Total $712
$ 89
  • weekly for 8 weeks

If you are a firm looking to inject a little bit more of “happiness” into your practice we are pleased to announce that we are now offering corporate pricing. Please get in touch below if you are interested in “Happy Lawyer Happy Life” The Course for your firm.

Corporate Pricing

  • available for 4 or more participants

Are you still unsure?

Clarissa Rayward

If you are still not sure if the Happy Lawyer Happy Life Course is for you, book a complimentary phone call with Clarissa to discuss your needs. 

Frequently asked questions -

Do I have to start the program now or can it be self paced?

You will get the most from the program if you can work through it with our colleagues- the group will keep you accountable, allow you the chance to form new relationships and be a part of a group of fellow lawyers that will make you feel ‘happier’.  You can work through the weekly modules at any time and all live online events will be recorded so you can access them whenever you want to.

What If I Want My Whole Team To Join The Program- Is There A Discount?

Yes, if you have a group of 4 or more for the club program or 2 or more for the premium program discounted pricing can be organised as can customised in person workshops.  Please call me to discuss how the program can best work for your team on 07 3862 1955.

I Am Not In Australia Is The Program Still For Me?

Yes- the Happy Lawyer Happy Life program is for lawyers from anywhere in the world, you do not need to be based in Australia.

Can I Claim CPD Points For This Program?

The short answer should be yes- most of our Australian Law Societies now provide for Compulsory Professional Development to be self assessed.  You should review your individual Societies guidelines for self assessment.