Meet my Team!

This is an image of Emma Fitzgerald

Emma Fitzgerald

Community Manager | Thought Leader | Happy Lawyer | Event Manager

Emma is the Community Manager here at Happy Lawyer Happy Life where she has mastered all things- legal community and courses! Emma is a happy lawyer on a law- break. 

Emma is passionate, purposeful and driven to be a health, happy, mentally-healthy contributor to the legal profession. 

Emma has grown up in Brisbane and has her own side biz and Podcast through Lawyering Space, a business with a dream: to empower tomorrow’s lawleaders to be brave, extraordinary and fulfilled. 

Emma relies on her human skills in this role- she has always been the person in the office you can talk to for advice and now she gets to use that part of her in this extraordinary community that Clarissa has created. Emma’s law career has spanned the past decade, having worked in many different workplaces. She has always had her sight set firmly on her legal career, and after needing some inspiration she joined ‘The Club’ in 2018 and the rest is history. 

Emma manages the Club as well as the behind the scenes of our Happy Lawyer Happy Life programs. 

The Happy Lawyer Happy Life community is the perfect fit for Emma, and she is the perfect fit for us! You can contact Emma at emma@happylawyerhappylife.com.

Sarah Hawkins

Executive Assistant | Solver of Problems | Keeper of the Diary | Event Coordinator | A fun time

Sarah is Clarissa’s Executive Assistant a.k.a. part of the brains behind it all.  And when we say all we mean ALL of the different businesses, ventures and ideas that fall in Clarissa’s world in #lawland.  

Sarah has a long history working as an Executive Assistant and Clarissa had no idea how much she needed Sarah until the day she arrived! She has a special way to get stuff done and a growing fondness for the health and wellbeing of all in the legal community and beyond.

Sarah excels at many things both in and outside of the office. She a mum to two young boys: but it’s not the boys that keep Sarah on her toes, it’s the other way around! Sarah is passionate about health and fitness and has a long history of weightlifting and inspiring others to focus on their own wellbeing.

Sarah has a positive outlook on life, and brings kindness and happiness with her always, which has such a positive impact on the energy at Happy Lawyer Happy Life headquarters.

Sarah is best contacted at sarah@bflc.com.au

Lauren Jennings

Graphic Design Guru | Creative Brain | Dog Mum

Lauren is our resident Graphic Designer for both Brisbane Family Law Centre and Happy Lawyer Happy Life.

No two days are the same in a day in the life of Lauren at Happy Lawyer Happy Life headquarters! From designing jewellery, to stationary, to slides and imagery— Lauren is an integral part of the creative hive mind behind the scenes of both of Clarissa’s businesses. 

Lauren is a quiet overachiever, having worked for many years in graphic design to develop many different products,  concepts and artwork which you are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

Lauren is an eternal student— she loves to learn and grow, quietly introspecting and thinking about the future of humanity. This part of Lauren’s nature has given her a passion for health and alternative medicine which has led to her current studies of a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Acupuncture. 

Lauren also undertakes private design work via her side biz Wunder Collective

We love having Lauren as part of the team.  It has been said that Lauren is helping to change the look and feel of the legal industry and we couldn’t agree more. 

Although you may not chat to Lauren often you can rest assured that much of what you encounter in your experience with Happy Lawyer Happy Life will include one of Lauren’s peaceful, happy and positive designs or ideas.


If you would like to get in touch with Lauren the best way to contact her is at her Happy Lawyer Happy Life email address— laurenj@happylawyerhappylife.com

This is a image of Sarah Follent

Sarah Follent (currently taking a baby break!)

Design and Creative Director | Co Creator | Legal Designer | Event Coordinator | AKA Queen of Many ‘Hats’

Sarah is the Design and Creative Director here at Happy Lawyer Happy Life where she has developed a specialised expertise and fondness for brand development, identity, strategy and digital design execution. 

Sarah is delightful – a truly colourful, warm, compassionate presence at HLHL HQ! Sarah brings all these loving qualities to all work and services she provides. 

Sarah currently works in a number of different capacities, relying on her skills in creativity and innovation as well as her experience in coordination and business to be as versatile and adaptable as possible.

Sarah is also a Brisbane-based creative baker and business owner of Baked Livingness– a vibrant, supportive and nourishing food baking service alternative. Baked Livingness is simply a reflection of Sarah’s effervescent love of life, colour and energy. 

With a Bachelor in Design (Interior), many years of experience in various design roles, co-ordinating a creative event space, as well as running her own business, Sarah has a multi-faceted and distinctive understanding of design and general business management across the board. Sarah particularly enjoys the interlacing that design and life experiences bring and how these create opportunities to evolve design into beautiful expression.

Sarah has recently started a Masters in Design Futures at RMIT Uni where she hopes to reaffirm and build on her knowledge, creativity and design techniques. By undertaking this masters program, Sarah aims to better identify and articulate the value and contributions that design brings to business, systems, societies and lives. 

The legal industry is at a pivotal point with design thinking methodologies fast becoming the solution. People are seeking human centred and purpose-built design services. Sarah works within Brisbane Family Law Centre with specialist family lawyers to enable the legal team to communicate effectively, visually, and simply with their clients. This provides the client with a simpler understanding of their complex legal matters.

Sarah has loved being apart of the Happy Lawyer Happy Life community and is looking forward to more fun and great learnings together! Sarah is best contactable via email or on her mobile 0434 632 527. 

Our Partners

This is an image of Amelia Rees

Amelia Rees

Chief Podcast Editor & Director of Pretty Podcasts

Amelia Rees is our Chief Podcast guru!  Amelia worked for many years in the Happy Lawyer Happy Life team but after some health issues she took over editing the Happy Lawyer Happy Life podcast. She fell in love with Podcasts! The process of bringing real stories to listeners and creating high quality audio became her passion. She now has her own Podcasting Business called Pretty Podcasts. 

Amelia works alongside her talented husband Marshall and have been married since January 2014. They spend their down time with family and friends and spoiling their sausage dogs Bonnie and Dot.

Amelia brings a sense of warmth and support to the Happy Lawyer Happy Life team. She works alongside her husband Marshall (our resident photographer). They have been married since January 2014 and spend their down time with family, friends and spoiling their sausage dogs Bonnie and Dot. 

Amelia has loved seeing the community of ‘happier lawyers’ grow over the years. She believes that all business’, and people, have a story to tell. 

If you are interested in learning more about Podcasting you can access Amelia’s free ‘podcasting guide’ or drop her a line here

This is an image of Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Creative Director | Videographer | Media Producer |
Visual Messenger & Storyteller 

Ben is one of the most sarcastic, dry humoured members of Clarissa’s creative entourage, and is more of a pain than a professional. However, he is quite good at producing high-quality video content- which is really the main reason Clarissa has worked with him for over 7 years now. 

Ben has been working in video production and marketing for over 9 years and specialises in directing creative online content. He is super easy to talk to and personable- which helps disarm even the most anxious of us, who get nervous in front of the camera! 

Ben loves what he does as it allows him to learn new things from vastly different industries on almost a daily basis, but mainly he loves meeting new people and making new friendships, and it’s these attributes that shine through in the content he produces.

Marshall Rees


Marshall has worked for Clarissa for over 10 years! He started out in BFLC as the first ever receptionist and left (with a little push from Clarissa) to pursue his dreams of Photography. The cover of Happy Lawyer Happy Life was taken by Marsh and he also takes most of the beautiful and fun images you see across our social media and websites.

Marshall has the amazing ability to make us all feel at ease as well as making us giggle! He puts all his energy into capturing the perfect moment, whether it be a professional headshot or an image for Instagram.

Marshall Rees Photography is also available for Weddings, head shots, family photos, engagement shoots and event photography.