Fixed & Value Pricing 4 Week Online Program

To help you throw away those time sheets!


Fixed & Value Pricing Online Program

Fixed and Value Pricing! Something we all know we need to understand but the challenge for most lawyers is knowing where to start! 

Hi, my name is Clarissa Rayward and I am a lawyer just like you! A few years ago my law firm, Brisbane Family Law Centre, made the shift from time sheets to fixed based billing. I now operate solely with Fixed and Value Pricing. That’s right— no more time sheets! 

After years of troubleshooting I thought I would put together a dedicated Fixed and Value Pricing Program, just for lawyers where we can start with the basics and help you throw away those time sheets!

This course is next launching Wednesday 9 March 2022.

In this 4 week program we will cover- 

  • Week 1:  The basics of what you need before implementing Fixed and Value Pricing (the numbers!)
  • Week 2: How to scope!  Building project plans for your client files.
  • Week 3: Pricing!  How to value price- the steps and considerations.
  • Week 4: The documents- building your fixed fee proposals and having a go!

LIVE Masterclass schedule-

There will be 4 LIVE Masterclasses throughout the 4 week program. 

  1. Masterclass #1: Wednesday 9 March 8:00-9:00am
  2. Masterclass #2: Wednesday 16 March 8:00-9:00am 
  3. Masterclass #3: Wednesday 23 March 8:00-9:00am
  4. Masterclass #4:Wednesday 30 March 8:00-9:00am

If for whatever reason you cannot make a Masterclass, fear not as these are all recorded and made available to participants.

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4-weeks to start implementing fixed fee billing into your practice. 

You will have access to...

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A private online focus group of like minded professionals. 

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Weekly online masterclasses with a few surprises in store!

Launching Wednesday 9 March 2022

This 4 week program is completely online so you can join no matter where you are thanks to 'Technology!'

Early Bird Pricing Available

If you register by 2 March you can save yourself a red hot $150

Early Bird Pricing

$ 559
  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
  • Weekly masterclasses via zoom
  • Online focus group
Limited time

4 Week Online Program Price

$ 709
  • 4 week online program with dedicated worksheets
  • Weekly masterclasses via zoom
  • Online focus group


Did you know I now have 'Fixed & Value Pricing The BFLC Way' documents packs?

The Presenter!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer |
Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

 Hi, my name’s Clarissa Rayward.

I’m a collaborative divorce lawyer from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m the Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multi-disciplinary legal practice where lawyers work alongside financial planners and psychologists to provide our clients with the holistic service they need during divorce.

Around 5 years ago now I made the decision that it was time to do away with time based billing systems in my law firm. Fast forward 5 years and we have made the shift, but not without many learnings along the way.


Over the past 5 years I’ve invested heavily in learning as much as I can about marketing and fixed fee billing to be able to grow my business, but more importantly to be able to niche my business so that I am largely now working purely in out of Court divorce practices such as collaborative practice and mediation.

I am now an Author of 2 books, a Blogger and Podcaster (while still working in my spare time as a Divorce Lawyer) and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge of business, marketing and wellness, running courses just like this one.

There has never been a better time to be in the ‘fixed fee billing’ game- thanks to our savvy consumer world. During this online program I hope to inspire you to overcome any fears you have about the fixed and value pricing model  so you can head back to your office and get to much more happy lawyering fun!