How to ‘show up’ on your days off!

Author Samara Wendt

In my life, there aren’t too many opportunities for days off. Even so,  I simply love Samara’s tips for how to get the most out of your down time. These tools may seem basic (I mean brushing your teeth shouldn’t take too much prompting) but when we are being pulled this way and that by family, work, or this crazy holiday season, it is so important to remind ourselves to ‘show up’ for our ‘off’ days so that we can keep nailing it on our ‘on’ days. 


Some days you make magic, and other days getting out of bed is an achievement. Here are the small self-care wins that always help you ‘show up’ and make yourself proud.

Practice Gratitude.

My practice of gratitude is quite flimsy. While I do not actively prioritise the practice every day, as my day travels on I acknowledge great things like that first sip of hot bean juice (coffee for those playing at home), how the sun feels on my skin, and how great it is to see with my glasses on! The moment I realise I am having an off day I sit myself down with a note book and affirmation book. Here I list three things I am thankful for. These are usually constant things in my everyday life. Following this I open my affirmation book and write out the first affirmation my eyes land on – I imagine I see what I meant to see in that moment. Through the day I will repeat this affirmation to myself, focusing my thoughts on it especially during trying moments. Mindfulness works differently for everyone and I urge you to give it a go.

Brush Your Teeth.

You know what I am talking about. Yes, you can be bothered.

Pack Your Bag The Night Before.

The best way to support your future self is to pack your bag each night. Just spend 5 minutes packing essentials for the next day and you are almost guaranteed to not forget anything. This includes putting your glasses into the case before packing the case and plugging your laptop in to charge. Regardless of how your morning begins, your bag is ready, and you have prepared yourself to ‘show up’ to the tasks of the day. Please note that ‘packing’ can include throwing items in the general direction of your bag.

Drink A Glass Of Water.

Then drink another. Every day can be a struggle to drink enough water. So, when you feel yourself getting too deep in your thoughts, have a glass of water. This is serious self-care in more ways than one – hydration and distraction. On that note, make sure you are making a conscious effort to eat.

Silence Your Phone.

It may not be practical to silence your phone for the entire day due to work requirements. But take intervals throughout the day to flick it on silent and completely focus on doing one task. Even just eating lunch uninterrupted. Once you are on a role with that task your mind will fade from notifications. Call it a mini-detox!

Finish Work On Time.

Remember not everyday is about making magic. Finish work when you are suppose to. And do not take any work home!


It has been sufficiently proven that movement positively affects mood. Whatever your preferred style of exercise is make it a top priority on these kinds of days. It really does not need to be high impact and sweaty. A gentle walk or yoga stretches will do wonders for your mind and body.


Head to bed at a reasonable time. Before you do, pack your bag, have a glass of water and brush your teeth.

Making it through an off day is called ‘showing up’ for YOURSELF! Today was not about making magic, it was about preserving your energy for tomorrow’s magic. 

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