A legal conference with a Conga line? And 3 reasons why you should join us.

Author Sarah Follent

I suspect you might be asking, what do you mean that there is a legal conference with a Conga line? Well, this is a thing and it is happening again this year. The annual Club Retreat is back for 2019 and let me assure you it will be bigger, brighter and better than ever! 

Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of assisting my boss and friend Clarissa Rayward in designing and co-ordinating a legal conference like no other in what we like to call The Club Retreat! This is no usual legal conference- gone are the heavy papers, black and white powerpoints and branded water bottles! Instead you can be assured of relevant topics on all aspects of running a modern legal practice from experts in and outside the profession. Think ‘TEDX’ for lawyers- our presenters are hand-picked to both inspire and educate through speech. 

Here are my 3 reasons why you should join us and what I have observed and learnt from running this event alongside Clarissa, plus the amazing lawyers around the country who have joined us.

1. The community and friendships you will make.

For 2 days you will be surrounded and supported by a group of wonderful, like-minded people in a safe collective, exploring ideas of change and innovation in your career. (Fear not, this will actually go beyond the Retreat!)

The people who attend our event are at the heart of why we have the community in ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life.’ Lawyer or not you are welcome to join us for 2 days of colour, unique education and motivation where you will be inspired to live your best life in and outside of the law. 

2. The diverse array of knowledge and experience shared by presenters will have you looking at things differently, thinking 'out' outside the box and implementing your ideas faster.

It is common for us to think that architects and designers are paid to be creative thinkers, but CEOs, lawyers and business owners are not. Well here is a *truth bomb* for you… This is not the case at all. 

As a designer and creative thinker I believe that it is a common mis-conception that we are born with ‘creative genes.’ Now I know, you are probably like ‘easy for you to say you are a creative!’ But what I have observed from working alongside lawyers across the county in The Club is that there are so many cool, creative and courageous legal professionals out there challenging the norm of what a lawyer is and what a lawyer does. You guys are great at applying ‘practicality’ to some of life’s most challenging times and from what I have seen once a good dose of ‘creative confidence’ is applied, something really wonderful happens to both the legal process and outcome. 

The Club Retreat allows you to see that creative potential and innovation lies everywhere in the things we get to do each day.  

3. You will have fun, join that Conga line and leave the 2 days feeling inspired to innovate.

I believe that The Club Retreat is a great way to show you how to take the ‘seriousness’ out of the mundane day-to-day that comes with life in the law and apply fun, colour and energy whilst keeping the importance of what lawyers do intact.

You will be given a safe and inclusive space to start penning your ideas and dreams to bring them to life. I give you my word that Clarissa and the presenters will show you how to effortlessly dance between your creative potential and the pragmatism of the business world and life as a lawyer. (At this point you will be jumping off your chair and joining the visionary that is Ann-Maree David in that Conga line we promised!) 

There will be a lot of confronting and thought provoking moments over the 2 days but you will leave feeling a sense of support, inspiration and motivation to keep doing the things you love both in and outside of the law. 

On Sunday 30 non-member ‘early, early bird’ Retreat tickets hit the Happy Lawyer Shop Floor and now is your chance to join us!

These tickets are now available but only for this week!

You can learn more about The Club Retreat here or purchase your *extra special* tickets available at a super special price here

So join us in Kingscliff on the 8th and 9th of November for 2 days of business, law and life learning designed to help you be the best lawyer you can be. 

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I am a creative, designer, entrepreneur and co-creator. It is actually really hard for me to put into words what I do each day (many will agree) but I will give it a crack.

I currently work in a number of different capacities, relying on my skills in creativity and innovation as well as my experience in coordination and business to be as versatile and adaptable as possible.

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