A Mastermind Success Story with Cara Austen

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Since 2019, I have been hanging out with 10 amazing lawyers in a yearly Mastermind program. 10 months, 4 workshops, private coaching and a whole lot of stuff getting done.

Cara was a part of the first Mastermind program in 2019. These are her experiences and successes. 

1. Please tell us a bit about your Mastermind journey... (Where you started, the bits in between and where you are one year later?

One year later! On the road to the Retreat to do some more work on my #bestlawlife and spend quality time with some amazing people who get me. Last year I was already in the midst of changes: undergoing IVF and working out how to successfully transition leadership of my corporate legal team. I was also working out how to move from being in a fairly senior corporate role to running my own business – I had ideas but at the same time I had no idea! 

This year has been largely one of learning, trying things and being inspired. 

I have learnt technical skills for running my own business. Many of these skills have come from conversations with the other Masterminders, usually just evolving organically so I end up learning things I never knew would be useful from people with real lives experience. 

I have tried things I never thought I would. I’ve built my own website, created a suite of “how to” guides, written articles based on interviews with people in my target industry and I’ve collaborated with real humans to host an industry event. by doing these things I’m now closer to doing what I am really passionate about.  

I’ve been so inspired by the other Masterminders. They have all given so freely to help me and each other, and have also given a great big friendly push when needed. There is no ego and no bullshit.  

A year later and I’m feeling so much more grounded and certain than I did when the Mastermind started. During the year I was also going through a much wanted IVF pregnancy and all the stress that entails. The Mastermind literally kept me sane as I struggled to work out what to do with my career, while not wanting to over commit myself, while also being very scared of missing out if I didn’t do EVERYTHING the world tells you you need to do to #beaboss and #hustle. I’ve not really learnt to balance, but I know that I’ve learnt so much this year that when I’m ready to really hit the go button on the business side of things I will be so ready and will have the most amazing  team of cheerleaders backing me. 

2. What are you deeply proud of achieving or doing this year?

Working out what I like to do, need to do and what I don’t want to do. 

3. What is your 2019 highlight?

Personally it was the birth of my child, Ellis. 

4. Your Mastermind experience in a word?


I have enjoyed working with lots of great lawyers over the past few years doing 1 on 1 coaching, which is something I will continue to do, but I know myself, there is something to be said for being in a group when it comes to really getting stuff done!

And so, for 2022 I am again rolling out my 10 person Mastermind and if you think that is something for you, I would love to have you join me.

I have come to learn that one of my super powers is the ability to ‘kindly’ push people off virtual cliffs by giving them the confidence (and the tools!) to achieve their goals and the Mastermind in 2022 will do that and more.

To hear more from Cara and the Mastermind class of 2019 you can tune into my short video below. 

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