Happy Lawyer Mini Mastermind Days Are Here!

Alright lawyer friends- Happy Lawyer Happy Life is back ‘on tour’ and the next stop is lovely Melbourne!

Our in-person Mastermind days are designed to help you reflect, plan and push that law firm business forward. So come along for a full day of connection, learnings and fun. I can assure you a day of learnings, discussion, fun, colour, and more than a little confetti!


Thursday 19 October 2023
9:30am- 4:30pm
Venue- Law Squared: Level 21 114 William St Melbourne

Bespoke day-long workshops where we talk all things Happy Lawyering!

These will be fun, interactive workshops designed to help those of you running your own firms or leading teams within firms. No matter where you are in your career, there is so much benefit to taking a few hours to really think about the direction you are heading and how to make the most of your life in #lawland! 

What's included?

  • A full day (9:30 am to 4:30 pm) of in-person workshop professional and personal learnings for lawyers with a focus on business development (these workshops are best for those of running your own firm or leading a team within a firm)
  • Practical tools, tips and advice to help you find clarity and live your best life inside and outside the law
  • Includes refreshments, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • And of course, lots of happy lawyer surprises and fun!

Who should attend?

These workshops are designed for those of you running your own firm or a team within a firm.  In saying that, anyone is welcome but out content will be law business and wellness focused.  Whether you are new to law or an old hat, this workshop is for you!  It doesn’t matter your age or stage, a bit of lawyering development never went astray!

What does the Program look like?

I get it- you want a program!  Well here is the thing, these workshops are run as Masterminds and I like to tailor the content to the attendees.  So it will work like this-  There will be 4 parts to the day all designed to focus in on 4 key areas that I have come to learn make all the difference when it comes to running a successful law firm or building a successful legal team-

     Session 1- You! 

We will begin the day with a check in- where are you at, what is going well and what are your goals for the years ahead?

     Session 2- Your business (or your team within the business)

Let’s call this a bit of a SWOT analysis!  What is going well and what could do with a some #postcovid love?  At the end of this session you will have a clear plan on what you need to do to achieve your career/ business success and the steps to get there.

   Session 3-  Your action plan – let’s make something!

In this part of the day you will grab one of those goals you identified in our morning sessions and start to action that plan- this might mean building a new product or tool in your business or planning out something to lift your team.  In this section of the day you will have the chance to workshop something just for you (with my crazy brain of ideas to help!)

   Session 4-  And we will bring the day home with some Happy Fun! 

A check in, reboot and a reminder of all the things we can do to ensure we are building careers that have at the heart of them happy lives. This is so important, especially after the craziness of the past couple years. Taking the time to learn, talk, reflect and focus has greatly increased my sense of happiness and so I am very excited to share my learnings with you in person once more!

Come and Register to Join the Fun!

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$ 649
  • A full day of bespoke professional and personal development
  • Meets your local CPD requirements. One CPD point for each hour of attendance.
  • Refreshments, snacks, and lunch included
  • And a whole lot of ‘Happy Lawyer’ FUN!!