Plan it Out Workshop!

A workshop designed to help you set and achieve your goals for 2020!

Alright lawyer friends!  The New Year is upon us and with resolutions being tossed around I have decided it is the perfect time to sit down together, set your goals and more importantly put together a plan to help you achieve them!

‘Plan it out’ is an interactive workshop, designed to help you articulate your goals for 2020 in law and in life.  There is much discussion about whether setting New Years Resolutions is worthwhile or not but from my experience, New Year or not, there is so much benefit to taking a few hours to really think about the direction you are heading and then setting in place a plan to achieve it! 

When it comes to our work with clients, we lawyers wouldn’t head off down a legal path without  well considered strategy so why would we do that with our own lives?  Planning your year ahead, making time and space for the things that matter to you is all part of our happiness so why not come and give it a go!

In this workshop we will cover!

  • The benefits of goal setting & why we need to set ‘SMART’ goals
  • The importance of a plan and how to create one
  • Practical tools, tips and planners to help you get organised, manage your time and start 2020 with greater clarity

Who should attend?

Whether you are new to law or an old hat this workshop is for you!  It doesn’t matter your age or stage, a bit of planning and direction never went astray!

Why "Plan it Out?"

Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time researching the concept of ‘Happiness’ in law and in life.  There is a good chance you have heard about or read my book, ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life- How to be happy in law and life’.  I wrote this book after overcoming a period of significant unhappiness in my career as a lawyer.  I have come to learn we can’t be happy all the time but there are things we can do each day that give us all the best chance of happiness most of the time!  Taking the time at the beginning of each year to reflect on the year past and plan my year ahead has greatly increased my sense of happiness and so this year I am sharing my learnings with you.

Workshop Price

$ 50
  • 2020 Plan it Out Workshop
  • Afternoon Tea Snacks & Refreshments
  • 2020 'Happy Lawyer' Wall Planner

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