What does it take to build a career in law that has at the heart of it a happy life?

This is the question that I sought out to answer through my Podcast ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’ all the way back in 2016. After 6 years, 237 episodes and almost half a million downloads, I think together we may just have found the answer. 

I’m confident that having now spoken with 237, what I like to call, ‘happy lawyers’, I have found many examples of lawyers that just like me have had their ups and downs, but have found a way to build a career in this profession that they (mostly) love. Each and every one of those stories have shown us that happiness really is different for all of us, but that there are common themes- a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning, and a feeling of contentment, pleasure and joy.

Of the guests in our profession I’ve had the opportunity to speak with over these 6 years, every single one of them has been extraordinary. Some are famous, some are hardly known, and all are going about their work with meaning, purpose, conviction, and are doing great things in the world.

So in finishing my podcast, Happy Lawyer Happy Life, I thought it was time for another book. Not a book of my words, but instead, a book of their words. A book where you can find each and every one of the episodes of the show and refer back to it whenever you need.

Through the pages of this book, you will find a link to each episode alongside the happiness tips that were shared by each of our guests. If nothing else, taking those 237 happiness tips and implementing them into your life is likely to make a pretty significant difference to how you feel!


The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast in a Book
$ 24
  • 237 Happiness Tips from 2016-2022
  • QR codes to every Podcast episode
  • A lot of Happy Lawyer learnings!

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You can alternately contact hello@happylawyerhappylife.com for orders and any questions! 

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