Mel Telecican Presents: Core Email Marketing Automations!

Author Kiarah Grace Kelly

A key part of marketing your business is utilising the power of email to get your message out. Mel Telecican joined us on Day 2 of the Club Retreat to give us the low-down on this all important tool.

What's Possible with Email Marketing?

Effective email marketing can and will, if deployed correctly, serve your clients through each and every key consumer progression stage. What are these key stages you ask? A consumer of your business will experience each of these key moments throughout their journey with you:-

  1. Awareness – the moment your customer becomes aware of all the great stuff you do;
  2. Consideration – the phase your customer will go through to decide whether you’re the right fit for them;
  3. Engagement – yippe skippee! They’ve picked you!;
  4. Delivery – your time to shine, this is the experience your customer had whilst you’re working for them;
  5. Retention – are they going to come back?; and
  6. Advocacy – the greatest compliment of them all, this customer is one that was so happy with your service that their singing your praises all over town!
The technology you use for your mailing list can be used for automation! Automated emails are great to convert potential customers into customers, to welcome customers to your service (known as ‘onboarding’), to keep customers engaged whilst you have them and to retain them as well. It’s all possible! 

Time For an Audit!

Before you start sending out your new snazzy automated emails you have some homework to do! Turn your mind to each of these important factors (concerning both online and internal procedures) which will make the content your sending out via email all the more exciting for your recipients:-

  • Is your content different? Check out your two main competitors and make sure you differentiate yourself from their online content;
  • How do you capture your online visitors? This should go beyond a contact form, think booking tools, live chat, etc;
  • Do you ask about your online visitors interests whilst they’re there? A click-through process which will deliver content catered to that visitors answers will make your future email marketing shine;
  • Do you have some online content that is locked until visitors give you their details? A simple way to grow your mailing list;
  • Do you have automated processes across other platforms that remind visitors to come back?;
  • Once you have engaged your new customer – how do you welcome them? Can you be sending automated email marketing in the form of an onboarding process?;
  • Do you seek feedback from your customer and ask them to refer you on to their friends and families?
If you need to improve in any of these areas, do give it a go! And to run through this process a little more indepth and to get feedback on how you can be even more great, head to this link: 

Get Those Lead Magnets

Mel told us all about the wonderful world of lead magnets, these are a specific pieces of content which will tend to perform well and peak the interest of your potential customers better than some other types of content. 

Lead magnets can come in the form of videos, on-demand webinars, downloadables and more. The best part is that lead magnets can be primarily used as website content but later repurposed on social or in your automated email service. 

Good luck with your entrance into the world of automated email marketing, there is no doubt that Mel opened our eyes today to a part of the marketing matrix that we all could be using more effectively. 

Thanks to our partners for helping us bring The Retreat 2018 (a law conference like no other!) to you!

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