The Funny Thing(s) About Lawyer Marketing

Dave Eddy

Dave Eddy

Author Kiarah Grace Kelly

Dave Eddy is the all-humour, all-fun marketer from Newcastle that came along to the Retreat to tell us all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of lawyer marketing. Dave has experience in advertising, of course marketing, but also as a start-up founder in his venture, Camplify. Despite the hilarity that did ensue (and the ever-amusing banter between himself and Clarissa) Dave really drove home for us the importance of what we face outward.

Where to Look: Your Marketing Priorities

When visiting New York this year, Dave encountered some very slippery stairs. After carefully traversing down the stairs and thankfully making it to the bottom unscathed, he looked up to see a quite giant billboard advertising a personal injury law firm. Dave went on to show some further examples of the big and bold, more traditional marketing examples of outdoor and newspaper advertising that were also really hilarious. Tactful? No. Get’s the eyes on the prize? Yes. Dave uses these slightly problematic examples as a way to reinforce the need to be unique in marketing.

Dave then pointed us to a completely bogus report authored by a ‘David Eduardo II’ that said; “lawyers are a funny breed, some are brilliant at marketing” it went on to say; “lawyers are a funny breed, some are woeful at marketing.” But, what are the key traits of these brilliant, lawyer marketers? Take it away, Dave-

  • brilliant lawyer marketers are trustworthy;
  • they are articulate and direct communicators;
  •  they are knowledgeable;
  • they are persuasive and compelling;
  • they avoid jargon. 

Dave left us by reminding us that we already have the skills it takes to be a great marketer due to our legal lives, we just have to use them. Also, did you know the team pages of service based business websites are the 2nd most visited pages they have, and about 40% of all traffic will flow there? Now get updating those pages! And finally, it’s all about content that cuts-through and giving one thing a go at a time. 

Thanks Dave!

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Kiarah Grace Kelly

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