Since 2019, I have been hanging out with 10 amazing lawyers in a yearly Mastermind program. 10 months, 4 workshops, private coaching and a whole lot of stuff getting done.

Fiona has taken part in the Mastermind program for 2021. These are her experiences and successes. 

1. Please tell us a bit about your Mastermind journey... (Where you started, the bits in between and where you are one year later?

Whenever I am considering spending serious money on something like Mastermind, which is really spending serious money on me, I always quibble and wonder if it’s worth it. I always think, I know what I need to do, I can just do it. But in fact, everytime I do make the investment, I radically shift into a better place.

There is magic in being surrounded by other smart business owners who are committed to doing great things. Getting such support, feedback, consolation and a cheer squad is such a wonderful thing. It took off some of the pressure at home- I wasn’t always bothering my wife about “what do you think about….”. And I am full of admiration for what they have achieved and feel honoured to know them better.

Last year I had an idea of the business that I set up the year before but hadn’t really done much with. Now I have a business earning money, a clear idea of my business plan and much more confidence about the road ahead. I’d applied for so many jobs and had so many interviews over the past few years, searching for an elusive “better place”, it had dented my confidence. Now I know what my special sauce is, I see where it is needed and I realise that I would have been unhappy in those jobs. I just needed to focus on carving out my own better place.

2. What are you deeply proud of achieving or doing this year?

I’m deeply proud that I shifted out of the litigation that I was exhausted by and I’m making money doing the legal tech work that I wanted.

3. What is your 2021 highlight?

Getting a contract for tech implementation work at a major law firm and enjoying the work.

4. Your Mastermind experience in a word?


I have enjoyed working with lots of great lawyers over the past few years doing 1 on 1 coaching, which is something I will continue to do, but I know myself, there is something to be said for being in a group when it comes to really getting stuff done!

And so, for 2022 I am again rolling out my 10 person Mastermind and if you think that is something for you, I would love to have you join me.

I have come to learn that one of my super powers is the ability to ‘kindly’ push people off virtual cliffs by giving them the confidence (and the tools!) to achieve their goals and the Mastermind in 2022 will do that and more.

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