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#1 Bring some of "home" to work Challenge

The physical space we work in plays a crucial role in our wellbeing.  We often hear about how ‘work’ is impacting our ‘life’ in all the bad ways but what I want to talk about today is the power of allowing ‘home’ to influence ‘work’ in all the good ways!And so, to kick us off, I have a podcast with 2 great lawyer friends of mine, Donna Walsh and Sarah Norgate who have over the last year lived this idea and they will share with you the great results that have flowed.

Polka Dot Challenge #1 ⚫— Bring some of “home” to work

#2 The 3P's Personal Culture Challenge

Our “personal culture”— the energy we bring to our workplace each day, is one of the biggest determiners of workplace culture and with that, our wellbeing!Culture is everything! And my guest for today’s challenge, Tristan White, wrote a book all about why!!Meet TristanTristan White believes the world needs more great places to work. He is committed to building a great place to work in his own business and committed to guiding others to do the same via his Culture Is Everything business.I asked Tristan to join me in this challenge as he has spent a large chunk of his career helping business like ours build successful cultures, and so I thought we could all steal some of his wisdom!!

Polka Dot Challenge #2 ⚫— 3P’s Personal Culture

#3 The Building Connection Through Creativity Challenge

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else sees,but thinking what no-one else has thought!”Einstein

Our guest for the next challenge is Paul Fairweather who happens to be a former architect, now artist and consultant.Meet PaulPaul works within large organisations, to build creative confidence. Paul says that through creative confidence, we build psychologically safe workplaces. You can learn more about what he does best and connect with Paul on his website here.


Polka Dot Challenge #3 ⚫— Building Connection Through Creativity

#4 The Brain Science Challenge

“We cannot outperform our human operating system”

Brain science! The perfect place to start when it comes to designing our work in a way that gives us the best chance of being successful in all aspects of our life and my guest for today’s challenge is a leading expert in the brain science space!Meet Dr Kristy GoodwinDr Kristy Goodwin is an internationally renowned expert in the field of digital wellbeing and the impact of technology on children, parents, and families. She is a sought-after speaker, author, and media commentator, known for her practical strategies to help individuals navigate the digital world in a healthy and balanced manner.She is also the author of the great book Dear Digital, We need to talk!

#5 The Curious Conversations Challenge

“Through the simple act of conversation, we weave the fabric of relationships, stitching together moments of understanding, empathy and kinship.”Chat GPT

Conversations, the curious kind, where you are interested in understanding not just the polite “How are you? Good!” kind, are the basis for so many great things in life.More about me It won’t be a surprise to you… I am a deep lover of curious conversations and the power of understanding the ways different people perceive the world. I “curious conversations” to help me learn more about someone in my workplace, client work and friendship circle.

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