What better way to Celebrate the Cool in Lawland than with some awesome keychains? ✨

'Celebrating the Cool' Keychains!

Let’s celebrate the incredible lawyers from our Celebrating the Cool brooch series with a sparkly keychain!

As you may know, here at the Happy Lawyer Happy Life headquarters we are celebrating with you 12 amazing lawyers and their amazing work and legacy. Think Australian of the year but for everyday lawyers who are doing ‘cool’ things in Law Land to make our lives as lawyers richer.

While you can grab the brooches here, we also have a new addition to this series – keychains!

You have two different magnificent keychains to choose from, with more to come. 


We have created some pricing options for you when you purchase more than one! 

One keychain is $45.00 including GST plus postage. 

Two keychains are $80.00 including GST plus postage! 

Four keychains are $150.00 including GST plus postage— your discount will be applied automatically at the checkout.

The Biddy Keychain!


Our iconic “Biddy Keychain”, which includes a Michael Bidwell phrase and life motto “Live Out Loud!”

The AMD Keychain!


The incredible “AMD Keychain”, which includes Ann- Maree David’s life motto “Build Trust- To Create Connection”.