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On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 of November 2020 members of “The Club” are coming together at Peppers Resort Kingscliff, NSW for our annual 2 day business retreat and we are looking for brand partners to join our event.

But first, let me introduce myself, I am Clarissa Rayward- a wife, mum and divorce lawyer who runs a multidisciplinary family law practice in Brisbane Australia.

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 I was also named among the leading Family Lawyers in Queensland by the Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession. In 2015 I was awarded the Lawyers  Weekly ‘Thought Leader of the Year’ Award for my work in opening a dialogue for better  ways to support families experiencing divorce and separation.

In 2016 I launched a new venture ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life’ in response to the growing number of lawyers and other professionals reaching out to me looking for ways of finding ‘Happiness’ in their careers. 

I have since then established a podcast, a book, an online course  and an online mastermind program “The Club” to provide a complete knowledge centre for lawyers looking to make the best of their lives in and outside of the law.

The purpose of The Retreat is to bring together this community of like-minded legal professionals in a fun but educative environment.  This is no usual legal conference- gone are the heavy papers, black and white powerpoints and branded water bottles!  Instead you can be assured of relevant topics on all aspects of running a modern legal practice from experts in and outside of our profession.  Think ‘TEDX’ for lawyers- our presenters are hand picked to both inspire and educate through speech.

I am reaching out to you and a small group of selected brands that I hope might partner with us for this event.  ‘The Club’ community consists of close to 100 lawyers nationwide who are highly engaged in building practices for the future and are looking for assistance with technology and business services to ensure they can build profitable, modern and nimble practices.

As a Partner for the Retreat you will have access to our members both at our event and in our community who are genuinely interested in products and services that will enable them to better do the work they love to do.  

So what do you think?  If you are interested in learning more, signing up or just coming for 2 and a bit days of great fun (and a lot of business learning on the side!) then please do get in touch with me or my team.  We have outlined our partnership packages available below but if you are after more details please download our “Partnership Packages” here. If you have an idea that you think would fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Clarissa Rayward

I invite you to express your interest in becoming our next partner for "The Retreat" 2020 below.

Partnership Packages Available 

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What the “clubmates” are saying about The Retreat… 

This is an image of Sarah Jefford

Sarah Jefford

Principal at Sarah Jefford Family & Surrogacy Lawyer 

I have implemented lots of changes… I certainly wasn’t thinking about doing a Podcast when I was at the Retreat (in fact the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind) but I wouldn’t have done it were it not for the Club and the Retreat.

I can take a better selfie because of Jason Malouin’s workshop. I did an audit of my accounts because of another workshop. I’m more confident in my brand and have made changes… I created the Surrogacy Sisterhood Day. Wrote more content… My instagram has become more of a focus and I’ve tripled my followers… I feel like I still have lots to learn and so much to do but I would not have made it this far without The Club and The Retreat.

An image of Zinta Harris

Zinta Harris

Specialist Succession and Business Lawyer

The retreat was a game changer for me. I am totally on track with the rainbow chart I mapped out at the retreat and built on from there… I had a massive “aha” moment there when I realised that I had been keeping my feet in two separate boats (succession law and business law) and that I needed to pick my boat and niche further still. 

I hit my goal to get my book to the editor and put in submissions for an award… I reckon by the time the 2018 retreat rolls around my firm will look completely different!

This is an image of Jo Alilovic

Jo Alilovic

Director of 3D HR Legal, Speaker & Podcaster

The retreat made me commit to the podcast… (it) definitely provided lots of food for thought – and it was most useful to think about the business you want to create and the life you want to live – and then work out how you are going to get there!

And meeting wonderful people too of course 🙂


I invite you to express your interest in becoming our next partner for "The Retreat" 2020 below.

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