Collaborative Practice Webinars

A webinar series designed to help you grow your collaborative skills.

These free online sessions will enable professionals practicing in this area or interested in learning more to share their knowledge and develop their skills in an easy online format. If you are already working in this area or considering becoming a collaborative professional, these webinars are a great way to learn more about how collaborative practice can add value to your work.

Webinar replays are available below. If you have questions or challenges you would like to see discussed in future sessions, please send them through to Clarissa at

You can access recordings of previous webinars here.  If you are new to webinars they are pretty much a ‘video’ but without the beautiful moving pictures!  So I recommend you pop in your ear phones, load up your iPhone and listen away as you work, rest or play!

Collaborative Practice Webinars for Lawyers

What's all the fuss about Collaborative Practice!

Collaborative Practice is fast becoming a primary way for separating couples to resolve their legal issues.  Thanks to social change, professional change and technological change, collaborative practice is now the preferred way of divorce for couples seeking an amicable resolution to their differences but more importantly, the capacity to maintain lasting respectful relationships into the future.  In this webinar we discuss just what has led to the wide spread development of Collaborative Practice and how it can help your clients and your business.

Collaborative Practice Webinars for Lawyers

Thrill of the chase? How to (or not to) engage the 'other party' in collaboration.

So you have a client who is ready to collaborate!  The trick now is engaging their former spouse.  In this webinar we offer a range of tips to help you engage both parties in collaboration and discuss what we have found works (and what doesn’t!)

Collaborative Practice Webinars for Lawyers

This little piggy goes to market! Tips for growing your collaborative practice through marketing.

It is no secret that Marketing is a bit of a passion of mine and once you realise that ‘marketing’ is really just sharing your passion for something then it becomes easy!  In this webinar we discuss simple marketing tips that will help you to grow your reputation as a Collaborative Professional to grow your collaborative clients.

Collaborative Practice Webinars for Lawyers

The 3 'C's' of collaborative practice- Courage, creativity and commitment.

Clarissa and Anne-Marie discuss 3 essential traits of a Collaborative Practitioner- Courage, Creativity and Commitment and how you can use and develop these skills to grow your Collaborative Practice.