Educational Webinars For Lawyers!

aka FREE CPD points for you.

My free online educational webinars will enable professionals practising in all areas of law and business to develop their skills in an easy online format. (Thanks to the zoom e-waves!) 

My free educational webinars are a great resource for all lawyers, no matter what stage they are at in their career. From lawyers running firms, in firms, corporate counsel, senior associates, to even barristers- all of whom are committed to developing and building a practice in the law that enables them to stay fresh, relevant and nimble in the current consumer landscape. 

All webinar replays are available below. If you have questions or challenges you would like to see discussed in future sessions, please send them through to me on clarissa@bflc.com.au.

You can access recordings of previous webinars here.  If you are new to webinars they are pretty much a ‘video’ but without the beautiful moving pictures! So I recommend you pop in your ear phones, load up your iPhone and listen away as you work, rest or play!

Upcoming FREE Webinars

Perfecting your Social Media Marketing

Tuesday 30 September at 8am (QLD time)

Over the past 4 years I have grown a niche social media community of over 10,000 people across multiple platforms and credit social media as being one of the biggest drivers of new work to my law practice. So how have I done it?

Join me for this free webinar where I will share with you some of my biggest tips and learnings.

Introduction to Collaborative Practice Webinar

Wednesday 7 October at 8am (QLD time)

Join me for a free webinar on all things Collaborative Practice where I will share with you my tips and insights working as a Collaborative Family Lawyer for the past 8+ years.

What is Collaborative Practice- it is a legal process that provides separating families with the opportunity to explore settlement options that best meet their goals, values and needs through the support of an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, financial professionals and social scientists. This bespoke process provides value to clients and professionals beyond what any other family law process can provide and requires a commitment not to go to Court.

Turn Your IP Into Products Webinar

Wednesday 11 November at 8am (QLD time)

Join me for this free webinar where I will share with why now is the time for us lawyers to start creating products or perhaps why any lawyer would!  

If you have an innovative idea but are not quite sure how to turn it into more than just a thought you need to join this webinar, pronto!

Finding Happiness in the Law

Wednesday 20 January at 8am (QLD time)


Join me for this free webinar where I share some of the strategies I use to prioritise happiness in my life and in law.

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Relevant and practical information that you can action into your practice.

You will have access to...

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Access to Clarissa Rayward to ask your burning questions on topics. 

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An online platform to connect with like minded professionals. 

Webinar Replays

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How (& why) you should throw away those time sheets!

In this webinar we discussed

  • #1 Data is your friend
  • #2 Price the client/ the work/ the solicitor/ the value! 
  • #3 It’s all about the scope
  • #4 Toss the time sheets
  • #5 It is a whole of business shift
Fixed & Value Pricing 4 Week Online Program
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So You Want to Start a Law Firm?

In this webinar we looked at the four steps to launch your firm— 

  • #1 The why
  • #2 The what
  • #3 The plan
  • #4 Just do it!
Course details coming soon!
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Marketing Your Collaborative Practice

In this webinar we discussed— 

  • #1 Training in collaborative practice
  • #2 Finding the collaborative work
  • #3 Your marketing plan
  • #4 The secret to success 
  • #5 My six step plan to grow your collaborative practice 
Collaborative Practice Bootcamp
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Collaborative Practice

In this webinar Shelby TImmins and I share our insights into collaborative practice.  We look at:

  • #1 How it helps your clients to feel heard
  • #2  The framework— how it works 
  • #3  The key players— who you need 
  • #4 The benefits  for your clients and for you too!
Introduction to Collaborative Practice Online Program
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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers- the key takeaways!

In this webinar we covered my 4 tips to nail your online marketing

  • #1 Know your tools 
  • #2 Build a strategy
  • #3 Get clear on your audience 
  • #4 Content is king
Social Media Marketing 4 Week Online Program
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Turn Your Products Into IP!

In this webinar we discussed— 

  • #1 What is a product?
  • #2 Why you should productise your IP?
  • #3 The five things to think about before you take your product to market!
  • #4 The types of core products;
  • #5 The benefits
Turn Your Products Into IP! The 4 Week Online Program

The Presenter!

Clarissa Rayward

Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre

Accredited Family Law Specialist | Mediator | Collaborative Family Lawyer |
Podcaster | Author | Speaker | Business Owner

 Hi, my name’s Clarissa Rayward.

I’m a collaborative divorce lawyer from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m the Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multi-disciplinary legal practice where lawyers work alongside financial planners and psychologists to provide our clients with the holistic service they need during divorce.

I set up my firm in 2008 and can safely say that at that time, I had no idea about how to market my business, nor how important that was to keeping my business going. Fast forward 11 years and I now spend more of my time in marketing activities than doing anything else!

Over the past 11 years I’ve invested heavily in learning as much as  I can about marketing to be able to grow my business, but more importantly to be able to niche my business so that I am largely now working purely in out of Court divorce practices such as collaborative practice and mediation.

I am now an Author of 2 books, a Blogger and Podcaster (while still working in my spare time as a Divorce Lawyer) and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge of business, marketing and wellness, running courses just like this one today.

There has never been a better time to be in the bespoke legal services  game- thanks to that wonderful creation, the Internet, the barriers to entry have been removed. Throughout this webinar series I hope to inspire you to overcome any fears you have about marketing your collaborative practice, your fixed fee model, your personal brand or customer journey so you can head back to your office and get to much more ‘happy lawyering’ fun!