5 reasons to join the Club.

The Club- your best law firm business tool.

Your best Law Firm business tool!
And, 5 reasons why you need it in your 'lawyer' pocket for 2024

Seven years ago, our founder Clarissa Rayward designed and launched an online community for like-mined legal professionals – The Club. What began as a knowledge-sharing venture has become so much more. Our Club members have contributed their extensive knowledge to the community, facilitating a change in the way that lawyers practice and show up in our businesses and lives.  The Club has brought us everyone involved much joy, meaning and purpose in ‘Law Land!’

So, what is the Club? Well, we believe it is one of the best business tools you can have in your pocket for your law firm. It is an online membership for law firm leaders who want to make their own and other’s experience with the law the best it can be! 

We asked our members what they love most about the Club and below are 5 of the great reasons why we think you should join too.


5 reasons why you should come join the Club!

1. Access to our exclusive weekly Podcast:

Yes, you read right! Clarissa is still podcasting but this time it is to help you kickstart your week with our business tips and tricks. Each Monday morning Club members receive our exclusive weekly Podcast. 5 minutes of fun that is designed to kick start your business week.

2. A colourful, connected & committed community:

You will be buoyed by with a bunch of kind, brave and smart humans who happen to practice law in your corner!

3. Accountability on tap:

The Club brings all the business smarts and support you need to help you push your legal business forward. We will check-in on you, challenge you, and keep you accountable on your path to achieving your life and business goals.

4. Constant dose of support & encouragement:

Whenever you experience life’s ups and downs, know you will have the ‘Brain’s Trust’ to help. There have been countless of times where members have reached out for or received help when things haven’t gone as planned. This has been the magic in the community!

5. A place of collaboration over competition:

Club members are collaborating and working together to make #lawland sparkle. Take Jo and Lucy and their Podcast “The Juggle” or Emma and Michelle and their new business “Law Assist”.

We get it, you want some data and examples of the impact the Club has had on our members and their legal businesses. 

Books, books, books and more books have been published thanks to an exclusive book writing program ran by faculty expert and best- selling author, Andrew Griffiths. We have a Club booklist with links below:

New law firms have launched thanks to the support and collaboration within the Club and business coaching with Clarissa. Some of these new legal businesses include:

And to wrap it up, some other possibilities and achievements by members of the Club include:

  • Complete changes in work life
  • New ways to work in the legal industry without leaving it
  • Speaking opportunities (and now getting paid for them too!)
  • Learning the art of hosting webinars
  • Focused shift to fixed fee
  • Better branding
  • Team planning days


We have enjoyed working with lots of great lawyers over the past few years. It has been a privilege to form these friendships, share experiences and learn so much from each other about law, happiness and business. We have come to learn that one of Clarissa’s super powers is the ability to ‘kindly’ push people off virtual cliffs by giving them the confidence (and the tools!) to achieve their goals. The Club will do that for you and more.

We offer two membership options to suit you and your business needs:

1. Club Membership at $99 a month- this gives you access to all the amazing things outlined above.

2. Club Plus Membership at $169 a month- giving you access to all of the above plus quarterly coaching calls with Clarissa to help you with ideas, products and business mentorship.

So, is 2024 you time to join the Club? We would love for you to come join us and we have a special offer for you….

Use the code clubconfetti to receive 50% of your first month and we will send you a box off #confettilawyer goodies too!

Kind words from Club members...

An online mastermind program, THE CLUB, designed for entrepreneurial lawyers looking to make the best out of their lives, in & out of law!

Our annual law conference is perfect if you are looking to connect with likeminded legal professionals in a fun and educative environment.